Hi There!

My name is Ross, I live in Calgary Alberta. My interests lie in th form of hobbies like the computer, fishing, walking on a beach by an ocean, driving and cruise trips, photography, good food, wood working, and some other lesser activities.

I also have a web page that has photos of trips we have made. It has had a lot of traffic and downloads over the years. Feel free to click on the link below to view any of pictures. If you like you may down load any picture that captures your fancy. Go to My Photos

You can also access my previous blog site by clicking http://mypagmyway.blogspot.com/

I do hope you view my sites and that the experience is a good one. Your comments are welcome at the blog sites.


Saint Lucia January 2011


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  1. Brian Dolph says:

    Hey Ross

    Did a google of Don Murdock and his new song and came across your site. I am the co-writer and producer of Christmas To Me. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! And of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🙂

    • techmech says:

      Well Brian,I am so tired of all this political correctness, I wish one and all a Merry Christmas. I would like to see the greeting become a way of life at Christmas. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog.

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