Yes my American friends, I would like as a Canadian to wish all of you who are reading this a very Happy Thanksgiving. In spite of all the horror in our world today, we still have a lot to be grateful for. As a Canadian we celebrated our Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Ours was tempered with the knowledge that our economy was being dragged down by the price of oil, and that layoffs were imminent. That has since come to pass. But even at that there is a lot of good and beautiful in our land that we must give thanks to God for. Have a great Day!


The other day you may recall that I had purchased a portable hard drive from Staples on sale. The install went fine and I still think I did the right thing, BUT, the way I had set it up was to go with a continuous back up. I suppose I should have known that the computer would run slowly, but I had no idea that it would be this slow. However I took the machine off continuous, mainly because I create very little new stuff any more, other than the blog. It is now set to do a complete backup on Sunday night after we have gone to bed. We simply leave the computer on, and the back up takes place. Voila, the computer runs normally again!


I believe I have put this item in the blog before, but I was reminded of it the other day when I had yet another of my frequent winter nosebleeds. Many years ago, we had a great doctor, an old Saskatchewan md, who advised me to use Salinex spray, to keep the nose internal parts moist, and to use plain old Vaseline, rubbed into the inside of the nose. Well, it still works, I occasionally use the Salinex, but I do use the Vaseline every other day or more often if I think it necessary. So, how much Vaseline does one use for this? About the amount equal to the size of a small pea, or the head of a large kitchen wooden match. I squeeze it out onto a clean pinkie finger, transfer half of it to my other pinkie, and put it in each nostril. Then a pinch of the nose to distribute it around and we are done for the day at least.

Our climate is dry, and the inside of our heated homes is even drier, and this will keep the membrane moist, and I have yet to have a nosebleed using this system!


The second part of this idea, and it uses Vaseline too, is when we fly. I got this one from a guy who flew long distance to Hawaii, every week as a pilot. Before flying he would do the same as above, or he used Vicks, and he claimed that he never got a cold from flying. My wife and I never flew without coming down with a cold or a bronchial infection within about 10 days of flying. The little dab will do ya treatment works so well, we have yet to have our vacation messed up with any kind of sinus, bronchial or other illness over the past 6 or 7 years. He told me that with the recirculated air on the plane, the air was dry, and also carried whatever germs that were coughed or sneezed into the cabin. I am a believer. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose.


Some of you may remember the great hue and cry that went up when the Parks Service in the U.S. decided to reinstate wolves into Yellowstone. It was going to kill ranching, kill all the small animals and a lot of other dire consequences. Such was not the case however, and this short video explains all the good that came of the wolves and in may ways that one would never have guessed. Take a look! Yellowstone wolves

You will no doubt recall the recent terrorist killings in France. This is a short speech in the French Government regarding Jews in France and the Government stance on racism against the Jews. I got this one courtesy of a Jewish friend of mine in Florida. Give a listen: France

Everyone knows just how dumb cows are, right? After you see this video, you will have to rethink that idea! Cows




1231473_578540618870339_588813530_n  kitchen

Have a Great Day, and be nice to each other.

Ross Open-mouthed smile

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