Alberta has had for years a veterans vehicle plate, for use by our armed forces veterans. There was nothing for anybody else to use to show our support for our troops.

support plateThat is no longer the case, Alberta and I have seen evidence that some of the other provinces like Manitoba have a new licence available. A quick peek in Google will tell you right away if your province has one, and where you can get yours and what it will cost.

Our new plate looks great, and is available from any place where you can get your vehicle registered. AMA, AAA, or you local registry can get it for you. I stopped by our local AAA (AMA) office and the line up was long and not moving, I left and went to the local registry office and even thought the line was long, I was in and out in minutes.

So, how does it work, and what does it cost? You order the plate and it will be mailed to you in about 7-10 days. Then you will need to take the plate to a registry office and register your vehicle to that plate. The cost for the plate is $75.00, plus $9.00 for the registry office to handle the process. Our Federal government has seen fit to charge the GST on the cost as well.But here is the good part, $55.00 will go to support veteran’s services! There will also be the usual cost to register the plate, but it is the same as your regular plate.


old licence plateSpeaking of the regular plate, for those of you who may be unfamiliar of what it looks like I offer up a picture of what the old one looked like. It has been around for a long time, and while it will continue to be used, the new one looks great, serves a good cause, and displays your support of what our armed forces people have been doing.

I have bought the new plate and hope to have it on my car within the week!

Web page of the day:

With Thanksgiving a very recent happy memory, I would like to keep the happy feeling alive for a while longer, even as we are surrounded by violence, hatred and war. This is a very funny video clip involving babies, and it is impossible to not laugh. Enjoy: babies




If at first you don’t succeed. . . .well, so much for sky diving!

The road to success is always under construction!

Money, The stuff you use when all your credit cards are maxed out

They say money can’t buy you true love. It does however, put you in a good bargaining position.

They say that money talks. Mine always says "Goodbye".

Have a Great Day, and be nice to one another!

Ross Smile


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