If you watched the Calgary Stampeders hand a whoopin’ to Hamilton Tiger cats on last Sunday, you know how good a football game it was. Hamilton turned on the afterburners in the second half and came close to turning the game around, but the Stamps defence showed up, came to play and stopped them. Jon Cornish, Bo Levi and all the rest of the team played very well, and we were royally entertained for  he 3 hours of the game. “Go Stamps Go”.


The wildlife that visits our front hard and our community, has picked up after the last snowfall. The chickadees that have come to our feeder are holding their own. and we have at least 6 doing heir acrobatics in the trees in our front yard. Along with that we have our resident bunny, or bunnies as the case may be. For now we see only 1 bunny at a time. It is not really a bunny in the strictest sense since it is a Northern Hare. He/she is now snow white, and comes out to the bird feeder at night to scoop up any birdseed that may have escaped our birds. After our last snowfall, I saw a lot of new tracks in the snow in our front yard, and some of them were deer tracks! We live close ( a couple of miles) so they come up the river and invade the neighbourhood. The next day while having lunch, 2 deer sauntered up between our house and the one next door. They looked around, very cautious like and gradually wandered off. Pretty neat I think considering that we lie in a city with 4 lane roads in the area, and it is all built up.


Recently I drew the short straw, and wound up looking after the snow management for our complex. This may come as a surprise to most of our community since I don’t think anybody has put up a notice to that effect. We have had a couple of snowfalls since I got the job, and our snow removal/plow company left a very large pile of snow on our street and in our parking places. To prevent the heat from coming down, I got the plow company rep over to see what it looked like, and to arrange with him what I wanted done and where the snow could be put. Got the front end loader out today, got the piled reduced to zero and the snow on the lawn areas. Yes it costs a few bucks to plow and pile the snow on our premises, but trucking snow away, is way more expensive.


The title of today’s blog is “Tis the Season”, kind of short for Tis the Season of Christmas. I have seen the word Christmas shortened to Xmas, but I do not agree with the usage, and when I see it used for example in a store, I will no longer spend money with that store. Why, you ask? Good question, consider this the letter X is often used in equations, or as an unknown quantity. The word Christmas is derived from the name of Jesus, or Christ, and is clearly not an unknown quantity! At least that is the way I see it, after learning that bit of lore in a school I attended at a very formative age, in Bermuda. So, my greeting to you will always be “Merry Christmas”. And now you know.



In what can be described as the madness seen around the world, this is a web page of a compilation of some Budweiser commercials. You may have seen  some of these before, as I have, but they are amazing, and will bring a warm feeling to your day. They are also hilarious too in a way. Budweiser


Again relating to the Tis the Season, I offer up a mob music offering where people sing Christmas Carols in a shopping mall. All planned but spontaneous of course. Helps to get you in the mood. Music Mob


Another Christmas themed web page worth peeking at is this one. It is about a small boy and his penguin, but the story has a twist. Some may wish to have a Kleenex handy. Read the write-up that precedes the video. penguin


Tennessee Newlyweds

A young farm couple, Homer and Darlene, got married and just couldn’t seem to get enough lovin’.  In the morning, before Homer left the house for the fields, they made love.  When Homer came back from the fields, they made love.  And again at bedtime, they made love.  The problem was their nooner; it took Homer a half hour to travel home and another half hour to return to the fields and he just wasn’t getting enough work done.

Finally Homer asked the town doctor what to do.  "Homer,” said the doctor, "just take your rifle out to the field with you and when you’re in the mood, fire off a shot into the air.  That will be Darlene’s signal to come out to you.  Then you won’t lose any field time.” They tried Doc’s advice and it worked well for a while.  But then Homer went back to the doctor’s office.

"What’s wrong?"asked the Doc.  "Didn’t my idea work?”

"Oh, it worked real well," said Homer.  "Whenever I was in the mood, I fired off a shot like you said and Darlene’d come runnin’.  We’d find a secluded place, make love, and then she’d go back home again."

"Good, Homer.  So what’s the problem?" asked the Doc.

"I ain’t seen her since huntin’ season started!"

Levels Of Stress

You pick up a hitchhiker…  A beautiful girl.

Suddenly she faints inside your car and you take her to the hospital.

Now that’s stressful.

But at the hospital, they say she is pregnant and congratulate you that you’re going to be a father.

You say that you are not the father, but the girl says you are.

This is getting very stressful!

You request a DNA test to prove that you are not the father.

After the tests are completed, The doctor says the test shows you’re infertile, And probably have been since birth.

You’re extremely stressed but relieved.

On your way back home, you think about your 5 kids at home.

Have a Great Day and be nice to one another

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