Tomorrow is the first day of the season for your free Alberta Health flu shots. It is now avail able in quantities for general distribution.

We are going in the morning to get our shots at our local Shoppers Drug Mart, where they along with many other drug stores have people trained on administering them. We have been getting them for years now, and we have never experienced anything more than a very mild sore shoulder muscle.

I believe in taking charge of my health care, and so I take advantage of the programs that will go a long way to advancing good health. Like the flu shot. I remember speaking with the MD or GP we had when we first came back to Calgary after a couple of years in Red Deer. He was a Saskatchewan raised doctor, and in my opinion was one of the best, and he kept us in good health for many years. He has been on a well earned retirement for about 10 years now. I remember him going into detail as to why we should take the time to get the flu shots. He did his entire patient list in a couple of evenings each year. He explained that it was extremely cost effective for the province to pay for the prevention up front and not have to pay for curing you when you came down with the flu. Made sense to me.

Getting the shot is easy and simple, taking little time if you go to the local store. Hey, while you are at it, check to see if you have also had the pneumonia shot, that could also save your life! There should be  sticker on your Alberta Health Card, if you have been done already.

One more thing, you might want to attend to while you have your Alberta Health Card out, is to sign the back of it for organ donor purposes! There is a great demand for this kind of thing, and precious little in the way of supply.

It is unfortunate that more people do not take advantage of this important health care program, but as it stands about 1/2 of the population neglects it. I know people that so completely do not understand it, that think they will get the flu if they take the shots! If you saw the movie Forrest Gump, you may remember him repeating what his mother said, “Stupid is as stupid does”. How so. In addition we have only a portion of the people that treat you when you do get hospitalized that get the immunization. Oh, and I forgot to mention that many of these people can be found behind the Rocky View Hospital having a cigarette. “Do as I say not as I do”.

For more information check out the web page from the AHS:FLU SHOTS


This is a simple video produced with the tongue firmly in the cheek. It is a bit rude. It starts very seriously, but quickly gets to the gassy part. It’s funny though, or I would not have included it. gas mileage


Once again, we have to approach how some comedians can go on for hours about all us old codgers, this guy is very good and I think you will enjoy. Take a look: Oldies


This is a Cirque De Solei kind of thing, a bit long, but so well done an choreographed it is amazing. Check it out: Amazing


The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.

Douglas MacArthur


I stopped by the GM Dealership yesterday, for a look at the new Silverado pickup.

Just for fun, I took it out for a test drive. I wanted to sense that new "feel" before they become extinct.

The salesman (a man wearing a "Trudeau for change" lapel pin sat in the passenger seat describing the truck and all its "wonderful" options.  The seats were of particular interest.  He explained that the seats directed warm air to your butt in the winter and directed cool air to your butt in the summer heat.

Feeling like messing with him, I mentioned that this must be a Conservative truck.

Looking a bit angry, he asked why I thought it was a Conservative truck.

I explained that if it were a Trudeau truck, the seats would just blow smoke up your fanny year-round.

I had to walk back to the dealership.  Damn guy had no sense of humour.

Have a Great Day and be nice to one another.

Ross Smile

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