Well, spring is as usual, wet, cold, windy and with the Calgary Stampede starting this week, I have to wonder if we will see any summer at all. We do not seem to be inundated with the heavy rains being experienced by our cousins to the east, or our cousins in the US southwest.

Right now it is cloudy with 12 MPH winds, threatening rain and is 72 degreesOur Hawthorn early pink blooms. All the cold and rain has meant that our gardens are slow coming along, but I do have a bit of a garden update. This update is for a pot of portulaca, and the hawthorn tree that sits right outside our door. I have 2 pictures of the tree, the first was taken on a warmer day a week or so ago, just after the flowers bloomed, and the tree

is full of white or light pink Our hawthorn tree later flowersflowers. Within days, the hawthorn will start to turn a much redder or dark pink just before the petals start to fall. The tree will then sprout a red berry, that the birds will not touch. If the deer can reach them the deer will eat them.

The second picture from my front door of the hawthorn tree with the dark pink flowers

Our portulaca pot 4 plants!The picture of the portulaca is just 4 plants and all the colours come from just the four, planted in a basin style pot.


Today is the last day of June, and tomorrow is Canada Day, and it is our Canadian day to fly our flags. A quick look around does me proud to see so many flags on display. We have big ones,some little ones, some draped over apartment railings, others on flagstaff’s. Any way at all and they all look great. Thank you SPGV!


A peek outside and I see some of the birds have returned, the feeder is active again, mostly with the sparrows, but occasionally we get some other birds. The bird house remains empty, but maybe the second brood will roost in the birdhouse.


This is a video about a racist, who I actually suspect is not so much a racist as he is a patriot. See for yourself, take a look:Racist?


The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature.  To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.

Alfred Austin


While hiking along the white cliffs of Dover this morning I noticed a Muslim extremist slip from the cliffs and fall into the English Channel ..
He was struggling to stay afloat because of all the explosives he had been carrying. If he didn’t get help he’d surely drown.
Being a responsible Brit, and abiding by the law of the land that requires you to help those in distress, I informed Kent Police and the Home Office.
It is now 4 p.m., he has drowned, and neither authority has yet responded  I’m starting to think I wasted two stamps.

Have a Great Day, and be nice opt one another.

Ross Smile


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