Well, maybe not right away, but the seeds are planted as they have been for a number of years now by a School in Calgary. It is Rundle College, a private school that our grandson has attended for the last few years. The school is home to a number of athletic teams, including soccer, rugby and more. They also have an orchestra that performed at the graduation as did a group of grade four students in a choir. It is one always one of the top schools in the province when the annual ratings come out.

Yesterday afternoon, Joan and I had the privilege of attending the graduation ceremonies of the grad class of 2014. The ceremonies were held at our Jubilee Auditorium, an excellent venue for this kind of thing. The event was handled as usual by a number of speakers, but the best one was the guest speaker. While some of the other speakers rambled on for what in my opinion was too long, and who got a bit too esoteric and carried away, the guest speaker spoke a short speech, was very down to earth, and spoke on what graduating meant to the kids moving on to university.

This lady incidentally, had a huge long list of credentials including a PHD and a lot more. A very interesting speaker, who spoke without notes and not one er or um. The kind of speaker I enjoy for sure.

I particularly enjoyed the singing of our National Anthem, accompanied by the school orchestra. Here was the thing, the singer, a woman student, obviously didn’t see the need to use both of Canada’s official languages, and had no problem with singing the entire anthem in English. She also had no problem with using the word God, and never once tried to put some kind of rock spin on it. She did it like it was done originally, and it was great to hear for a change. Bravo!

The band played some music, and later in the presentation a small group, a kind of garage band with all the drum and guitars, plus some female singers did a bit of rock and roll music, titled “We are young”. Did a great job.

The valedictorian was a young man, who, while he read his speech, exuded confidence usually only attained by professional actors. He was topical, funny and serious. A credit to his being selected. I do wish that I had been as gifted as he was at public speaking to an auditorium full of people. These people were students who were required to attend from all the junior grades, teachers, and school officials.

I am going off topic for a moment, but I will come back in a bit. When I read in our newspapers, and watch on TV, the amount of hate, unrest, violence in Europe, Africa and Asia, I am glad in a way that I will likely not be around within the next 20 years. I get the sense that the world is heading down a very slippery slope towards anarchy, and or civil war, or even world war. Maybe not, maybe simply (?) another severe world depression.

Coming back now as promised. Watching these young men and women, receive their diplomas, and realize they are going on to studies in engineering, biology, astronomy, neurology, commerce, economics and a host of other careers, I am heartened! Our world will very likely avoid these horrors as these young people expand their learning and advance in their chosen fields. I think they and their peers will solve a lot of the problems our world faces. It was very obvious to me that these young people will one day be the CEO of companies, Doctors, Scientists, leaders in engineering companies, but in any event they will be he leaders. 

My Grandson graduated as well with these other folks, and he is going to Eastern Canada, where he will start working on his chosen field at St. Francis Xavier in Halifax. As you can well imagine, we are very proud of his achievements, both in academics and in athletics. He is quite the young man now embarking on the adventure of the next stage in his life.

Congratulations Garrett!


The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein


From time to time I get from friends a web site that is very interesting, and I have decided to add a link to a site every day I publish a blog. Just because I like the site, does not mean that you will, but I do hope you do take a look at the offerings.

The first link I offer to you is one sent by a friend in Florida, and it has to do with some special needs kids who felt left out when it came time to enrol in the military in Israel. They were unable do do so with their special needs. These folks came up with a great plan and a workaround. It is beautiful, and look at the faces on these young people. Check it out: Israeli army


Boarding Planes in Israel

When I was growing up, my uncle would tell us stories and such.  One of his stories was about a Kingdom that was having a lot of crime so the King said, "Whoever came up with a solution that works will be greatly rewarded."  Many tried but their solutions did not work until this Old Man said he had the solution.  He asked to tear down all the jails and prisons.  Then he had one jail for one person built.  Right away they had someone who committed a crime.  The Old Man said:  "Put him in jail."  Very soon another committed a crime and the officers came to ask the Old Man what to do with him to which the Old Man answered:  "Kill the first one and put this one in jail!"  That ended the crime in the Kingdom. 
This email reminded me of that story.  Maybe this would be the answer to terrorism in the skies!

It’s hard to beat Israeli technology!

TEL AVIV, Israel – The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners.

It’s an armoured booth you step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on your person.

Israel sees this as a win-win situation for everyone, with none of this crap about racial profiling.  It will also eliminate the costs of long and expensive trials.

You’re in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion.  Shortly thereafter, an announcement:

"Attention to all standby passengers, El Al is pleased to announce a seat available on flight 670 to London ..  Shalom!"

Have a Great Day, and be nice to each other.

Ross Smile


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