A number of people have asked just what do you do to occupy your time with so many days at sea. Good question. Before we started the trip we had thought about it but came to the conclusion, that this was a different cruise from where you got on or off the ship on a daily basis to tour islands or other sites. This one was to be a laid back restful trip, and with no phones, or access to things that “Just had to be  done”, we could nap, read a book or two, watch the water go by, watch storms form, and recede, or take in the various forms of entertainment aboard ship.

For example of things available aboard the ship, your day can start as early as 7:00 am with the Morning Stretch, an aerobics program. 9:00 there is the Zumba Fitness, that many followed. Knitters and Natters got together at 9 as well. Table tennis and shuffleboard are offered. A book club exists, as does a line dance group. A trivia challenge was popular daily. There was live music often playing in the Piazza, the central area of the ship, with lounges, a small 24 hour eating place, the shops (open only while at sea), and more. Major attractions were movies in either of the theaters or on deck with the giant screen. Lecturers put on presentations daily while we were at sea, some were shopping places for our island stops, while others dwelt with things like astronomy, oceanographic topics, or the one I liked best put on by a guy who had flown the U2 spy planes over Russia. Col. (R) Frank “Fuzzy” Furr talked nearly every day on the topic of spying, reconnaissance, flying the U2, and more. Interesting guy. I’d like him for my neighbour.

They had Bingo, the Casino, the shops, cocktail competitions, Mahjong players, ballroom dancing, ukulele lessons, bridge lessons, even a hairy chest competition. Movies ran all day on your cabin TV, and in a couple of theaters. There was always during normal waking hours any number of things to do to occupy your time. Some were a bit lame like napkin folding, origami, ice and fruit carving, others were deeper like a guest pop choir,

Maybe you simply wanted to walk on deck, well the Promenade deck is for you, 2 and a half laps will get you a mile of walking! It’s not to easy in a heavy sea, nor when the wind is gale strength across the deck, but it can be done. People of our age however have to be careful not to get run over by the sometimes very serious walker. You know the type, you ache just watching them!

Evenings saw various forms of entertainment, like comedians, jugglers, magicians, singers, and some of them combining talents such as comedy and juggling. One comedian, a 69 year old Vancouverite was very funny, and with our demographics of people of an age, everybody got the funny bits. Some were not so good. We got choosy as to who we went to see. Two shows were put on in the main theater, a “Cooking Show” a spoof where some food prep was actually done, but in the background, the head chef, who did the work was heckled by the Maitre’D. We always looked forward to this one, it is funny.

So, as you can see, there is a lot to occupy your time depending on your likes, or the tolerance you have for napkin folding. You can also go to the various swimming or spa pools that dot the ship. Or, you can stake out a lounge chair on the deck, and read, sun yourself, or nod off. We chose our veranda to do all that when the weather cooperated.

I have not covered everything, like snack time, coffee breaks etc., since there really is a lot gong on aboard a cruise ship to keep you entertained. When in port, some of these activities are not available, and instead you go ashore. I will do the shorex activities on a later blog.

One last thing, I had earlier mentioned the flying fish, and there is a very good web site, not too long on these very curious fish. Take a look: Flying fish

Flying Fish Images.
fish 2 fish 1


We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.

Tony Robbins


There are only two things to worry about.
Either you are well or you are sick.

If you are well, then there is nothing to worry about.

But if you are sick, there are only two things to worry about.

Either you will get well or you will die.

If you get well, there is nothing to worry about.

If you die, there are only two things to worry about.

Either you will go to heaven or hell.

If you go to heaven there is nothing to worry about.

But if you go to hell, you’ll be so damn busy shaking hands with friends you wouldn’t have time to worry!

Have a Great Day, and be kind to everybody

Ross Smile


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