A number of years ago, a large grocery store chain opened some new discount grocery outlets across some of the major cities in Canada, Loblaws is the owner of these stores and they have many stores, under various names. Superstore was built primarily as a discount store, slightly more upscale than a warehouse store. I would suggest that they have done well if the patronage of our local store is the norm.

There were a number of things that nearly everybody had to say about Superstore, some good some not so much. OK, they were cheaper than the competition, but the negative comments seemed to outweigh that, but the store was always busy. The negative shots went something like, “The aisles are too narrow”, “I can’t find anything”. “The produce looks wilted”, “There is never any help around” “The lighting is bad”. There was more, but you get the idea.

Galen Weston must have been listening, at least as far as our local store is concerned. A major renovation is underway on the inside. Everything is changing. It is not finished yet, by any means, BUT, the lighting is much better, the aisles are wider, the shelves are stocked and there are people out stocking  everywhere you look. The people stocking shelves smile when you ask for help and they take you to what you are looking for. I think they all were sent to charm school! The prices are still low, the produce is clean, well displayed and there are people actually working in the produce area without skids and they are keeping he produce stocked and neat.

The place is still under construction, and has never been closed down during the work, a feat in itself. I was in the store last Monday at about 10:30 am, and it was packed with shoppers. The area we live in has a fairly large Asian population, and they are a large part of the audience in the store, as they were on Monday. The point here is that I suspect that there were more shoppers in Superstore on Monday than all the shoppers in Safeway, Co-op, and Sobey’s combined! All these stores are within a mile of each other except Sobey’s.

I suspect that I will continue to shop at Superstore, since I like the prices. The improved appearance and layout has only taken away all the things I complained about.

PS, I recently became a shareholder in Loblaws, not a lot, but I do think it is now a better investment than I originally thought!

I am sticking this in, because I don’t think you have ever seen it or even heard of it for that matter. It is a story about the thousands of people who were rescued by boats when the terrorists hit the Trade Center on 9-11. Amazing video, and courage. Check the sidebars for the inevitable conspiracy theory advocates.
Check it out, it’s a bit long, but powerful. boatlift


I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Tammy Faye Bakker



Have a Great Day, and be nice to each other.

Ross Smile


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