My blog is called Potpourri for a reason, some days it may contain but one subject, and others can be like today, when the blog is more likely about several things and might just ramble a bit. So potpourri it is. Let’s start.

I have an old friend who insists on sending emails that are junk. No, I don’t mean junk mail, I mean an email that is purported to be true, like a virus that just appeared and it will eat your hard drive. There is no know fix. So, if you get an email that says something like “card for you” you are in trouble. It is all hokum and bunk. It may have been true some 10 years ago, but it is not a problem, nor has it been for almost as long as it has been circulated.

Then there are the ones of extraordinary accomplishments, causes, impossible pictures (Photo shopped), and more, that when checked against any reputable Hoax site prove to be junk. He sends these along all the time too. It is a gullibility too much to imagine. So, I find the Snopes article and forward it to him, and he then claims my information is wrong. Hmmm.

When I started out with email and the Internet, I too believed everything that came down the pipe. It was not long before my email buds were pointing out the error of my ways! So, now and for several years I have been checking all these so called “True” stories out, and occasionally, believe it or not, they really are true! Needless to say however, I am now very sceptical of what the internet can produce. There have been times, when I have still been burned by a story that was too plausible or too good to be true. My buddies are out there ready to remind me of my sins.

It is cold today here in the city of Calgary. It was -26°C this morning, and that translates into something that means something to me, about 15°F below zero! Today is February 24, and it should be a lot warmer that that. Could it be that the global warming plug got unplugged? I don’t need to go out, and so I will not venture from the house. I must be getting old or something. What I have noticed as a result of the cold weather is the lack of birds around. This has happened before, as in past years when the sparrows seem to disappear from the feeders I have out. The same feeders that I have to refill daily in the fall, will now go days without needing a refill.

Replacing some of the usual birds are the chickadees, that arrive daily for a few sunflower seeds. I hope that it is the fact that other feeders may provide food for the birds, but I somehow doubt it. I think the cold finally gets some of the birds and they die. I really don’t know how they manage to survive the extreme cold we get. I freeze my butt off to take out the garbage!

We have been getting visits of our Northern Hare, who picks up the seeds spilled by a mother deer and her 2 fawns. Mama deer stands in place and pokes the feeder, getting the bulk of the spilled seed, but what she spills is picked up from the snow by her fawns. They come by from time to time and literally empty out the seeds from the feeder, leaving about a 1/2 inch in the bottom for the chickadee. I managed to get a few good photos of our deer family as it cleared out the seeds just feet from or front door. Mama is the biggest of the 3 deer, and she looks pregnant, so it maybe will come to pass that we have and expanded deer family in our neighbourhood. The third deer is across the street to the left. Pretty nice huh! Who would guess that we would get deer right in our from yard, in the middle of a big city?

Freeloading Deer in front yard


Winter is nature’s way of saying, ‘Up yours.’

Robert Byrne


  Patrick O’Leary showed up at Mass one Sunday and the priest almost fell down when he saw him. O’Leary had never been seen in church in his adult life.

After Mass, the priest caught O’Leary and said "Mr. O’Leary, I am so glad you decided to come to Mass. What made you come?"
O’Leary said, "I’ve got to be honest with you, Father. Awhile back, I misplaced me cap. I really, really love that cap. I knew that Donald Shaunessy had one just like mine, and I knew that Shaunessy came to church every Sunday. I also knew that Shaunessy had to take off his cap during Mass, and I figured he would leave it in the back of church. So, I was going to leave after Communion and steal Shaunessy’s cap."
The priest said, "Well, Mr. O’Leary, I notice that you didn’t steal Mr. Shaunessy’s cap. What changed your mind?"  
O’Leary said "Well, after I heard your sermon on the Ten Commandments, I decided that I didn’t need to steal Shaunessy’s cap."
The priest gave O’Leary a big smile and said, "Ah, after I talked about’ Thou Shalt Not Steal,’ you decided you would rather do without your cap  than burn in Hell, right?"
O’Leary shook his head and said, "No, Father. After you talked about ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery,’ I remembered where I left me cap."

Have a Great Day, and be nice to each other.

Ross Smile

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