Like for most folks around Christmas it is a time of wonder, awe, and darkness. Not the darkness that some feel around Christmas, unfortunately, just the natural rhythm of things as the seasons change. But there is a way around the winter darkness, that a lot of us have done for years. We put up coloured lights on our Christmas tree, on the house, inside and out. I know we have done it for years. I look to our neighbours to do a similar thing. But this seems to be the year of the dark.

There is only one place behind us to the west that has any lights out, and his usual display of multi-coloured lights on his deck is great. To our east, in our own complex, only about half the usual places are lit up. I wonder if it isn’t the years catching up with the folks around here, and they no longer give a hoot. I really hope not.

We had a sense of a more natural Christmas the other day that was a nice addition to the lead up to Christmas. We had 4 deer in our yard for a whole day and part of the evening, and then they simply sauntered off. Beautiful animals to be sure, although the birds might disagree when they found the deer eating the sunflower seeds out of the bird feeder! They also ate some dried up old berries off the Hawthorne tree in our yard. The birds will not touch them, so the deer are more than welcome. About the same time as the deer were here, some of our birds returned from where they went AWOL. Chickadees, sparrows, a Northern Flicker and even the Purple finches graced our feeder and trees. We have had a huge dump of snow, and I suppose the wildlife is finding food hard to come by. We live in the city too, not in the country, so you can well imagine the kind of treat this was.

Apropos to the paragraph concerning lights, I got this link to a house where the homeowner would put us all to shame. He even had to hire security to handle the crowds. It is a great display, Take a look: Lights

image0011One of my old neighbours sent this picture along. I have never seen it before, and it is so appropriate in our world today, I offer it up to you to decide. I loved it, and it is titled “The very first King Size Bed”.



I got a poem written by a man who had at one time been a State Trooper. It was rather lengthy, but a great Christmas message. I copied it and kept it, and maybe it will see my blog a bit later in the season. Then I got a video clip o the same guy doing a recitation of one of his poems. It too relates to Christmas, but with a different twist. The writer and speaker is a man named Bob Welsh, and keep a hanky handy. Check it out: Bob Welsh


Every year we celebrate the holy season of Advent, O God.  Every year we pray those beautiful prayers of longing and waiting, and sing those lovely songs of hope and promise.

Karl Rahner


FwFwdFWT 1

Have a Great Day, and be kind to each other,

Ross north-pole-smiley-emoticon


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  1. Pat Achen says:

    The King Size Bed is so lovely and the Trooper also. Think I will send this to my Friends to say Merry Christmas

    • techmech says:

      I hear you Pat, The video and the king size bed were pretty cool. I also have a 5 page version of a poem he has for Christmas Eve. If you like I can send it to you. Just say. Thanks for commenting on the blog. Nice to know some folks enjoy it. ross

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