I am going to do that again, Merry Christmas! That felt good!

I am somewhat dismayed that I got our Dreamview Newsletter, and above the masthead was the politically correct, mamby pamby “Happy Holidays”. Typical as to what we find this time of year with the bureaucrats running wild under the politically correct banner.

OK, I happen to be a Christian, and celebrate the birth of Christ as Christmas. By definition that is what it should be. Christmas, and by that I mean it is not Xmas. By my definition “X” is an unknown quantity, as in the Algebraic Find X.

No it is Christmas, the birth of Christ we observe during December on December 25th.

I have a young female doctor, who I suspect is Muslim, I wish her a Merry Christmas. I have a few friends who are Jews, I wish them a Happy Hanukkah around this time of year. I also wish them a Merry Christmas too. They know I am not Jewish, but I can respect their religion and offer good wishes for their celebration. One of them prefers to celebrate Christmas! One other sends me a Hanukkah wish.

I don’t much care if your religion is Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, or if you celebrate Kwanzaa, a ceremony from Africa that celebrates something like our Thanksgiving. I care not if you are an atheist, agnostic, or you worship the sun. That is your choice and how you celebrate is yours to make, I will still wish you a Merry Christmas should we meet.image If you choose to wish me a greeting for whatever you celebrate, I will likely do a back to you with it, and a Merry Christmas.

When the schools and public buildings prohibited the school Christmas plays like we had as kids, and prohibited the crèches outside of schools or civic offices, we declined as people.

One of the great things about the month of December is the smiling faces one sees greeting each other with the words Merry Christmas. Those words will span across all races and religions. The words offer good will, and celebrate with me on the date we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus.

It is a holiday to be sure, in fact it is a holy day, from which the word holiday is derived. It is not just another day to shop, get drunk, or overeat, although eating is always part of our celebration.

One other thing before I finish this up, I usually do not shop at stores that do not display a Merry Christmas on their windows. I offer my Merry Christmas to one and all who I contact in stores. Sometimes it is returned, sometimes not, and I do not return to those stores, but if I get the greeting back, I thank the person, and will continue to shop there.

Finally I would like to end up with wishing everyone their celebrations with family and friends, revisiting old customs and finding new ways to share and be a part of the many religious events and family gatherings being held over the
next several weeks.
Whatever your beliefs and customs, may it be a time of togetherness and joyous visits with loved ones.
May each of us create happy memories that will last all through the year ahead.

Merry Christmas to all!

Ross Smile

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  1. David says:

    When you get people giving you the happy holiday greeting,ask them what holiday are they referring too , Easter,Summer holidays,Thanksgiving. What ?. That is always my response to these supposedly politically correct individuls.

    We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

    David & Susan.

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