So, I’m sitting at the computer going over my email, and wondering in the back of my mind what I would write about today. Well, that got solved real quick with the email today. I got some material that got me smiling, and some that made me a wee bit sad to think of what may have happened and what already has. Mostly they are video clips that caught my interest in a way that was more than the usual ho-hum stuff. Take a look:

This is a clip of a Christmas song by a guy from Colbourne Ontario Canada named Don Murdock, I think you will like it, give a listen. Christmas Song

To learn more about Don, an article appeared in the National Post on him, you can follow him from here: Don Murdock

Next I offer up an oldie but a goodie, that will be of more interest to people of a certain age, like me than to the kids of today. See if you remember any of this, it is very well done, Remember

A great clip on the power of words. I saw this a long time ago, but it failed to resonate at the time, I don’t know why it did today. The clip is quite short, but the message is great: Words

A short story, about a tribe in Ethiopia, who have practiced a form of infanticide over the years until a very brave young man took the initiative and managed to put a stop to the practice. It is a piece from National Geographic, and I do believe you will find it heart warming to see what one man can do when he is determined. Ethiopia

Last but not least, I have a friend who lives in Woodstock NY, who we met on athanksgivukkah cruise ship a number of years ago. He is a Jew, and I sent him and his wife a Happy Hanukkah Card. He came back with the information that he actually celebrated Christmas more, for a number of reasons. The point of all this, is that he sent me a Happy Hanukkah card, and it is kind of funny. In fact it is a special “Thanksgivukkah” card. Pretty funny I think

So, there you have it, a bit of this and that all coming together on a day when I was facing a bout of writer’s block. Thanks to all my loyal email fans, who keep me supplied with stuff that I think is interesting, funny, or sometimes even scary.


All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.

Will Rogers



Have a Great Day, and be good to one another!

Ross Smile


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