Many years ago, I worked with an older gentleman, who I suspect was a frustrated philosopher. He had a saying for just about everything. For instance, he was of the opinion that a person could acquire some “Atta Boys” and have them all negated by just one “Dumb Shit”! I think he was right!

A modern day classic example of this would be the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. From what I have read about the Toronto Mayor is that he was a guy that got things done. Unemployment is down, taxes are lower, and the streets have all been fixed, among other things, and people are generally happy. So he gets a few Atta Boys, and all it takes is one Dumb Shit, like denying smoking crack. It was not long before the whole thing came off the track, and there are not enough Atta Boys to cancel out the continuous videos we are seeing, and the derision from the late night comedians in the US. The camera is everywhere, even in council chambers, and Mayor Ford shows he is like Cleopatra, the Queen of denial! to wit: “I am not a drug addict” or “I am not an alcoholic”.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau admitted smoking weed after being elected as an MP, and he was apparently given a pass. I think on the other hand it shows incredibly poor judgement for a the leader of a party to cherry pick which of our laws he will obey. This is particularly true when one is a member of a government that makes the laws, that would put you or me in jail if we did them.

I suppose that when Ford was elected there was a business, conservative faction that didn’t want him at any price, but were stuck with him when he was elected. So Mayor Ford stepped on some toes getting things done in Toronto. Now they hound him, and will eventually get him gone. City council has been able to curtail his money, status, and control of his office.

Too bad, I suppose since he still has followers in the poorer parts of town, but his career is toast, and it is his own fault. Remember too that he has never been tried or convicted in Court. Wonder what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty.

Out west in Calgary, we have His Honour Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who just prior to his re-election kind of picked a fight with a land developer, one Mr. Wenzel. It seems that Mr. Wenzel wants to develop land pretty much as they have always done, but Mayor Nenshi wants land developers to pay more of the infrastructure than they do, even though they pay a lot right now. So Mr. Wenzel provided money for the councillors running for re-election that he thought were pro development. Nothing illegal about that. Nenshi endorsed virtually all of his previous council. Wenzel endorsed only some.

The problem it seems is that Nenshi made some statements that Mr. Wenzel took offence to, prior to the election. Mr. Wenzel considered some to be slanderous in nature, asked for an apology, Nenshi refused, and Wenzel sued. Six Million bucks. Likely to be in court for a while and we as tax payers will be on the hook for the cost. All because there was no apology.

Stay tuned, it ain’t over until it’s over.


They say marriages are made in Heaven.  But so is thunder and lightning.

Clint Eastwood

plant a man

Have a Great Day, and be nice to everybody.


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