I feed the birds in our complex along with a number of other people. I enjoy watching the antics, the home building they do, the scrapping for the feeder even though there is enough for all. I feed them year round. They come and they go according to whatever clock drives them. Even the crows have gone AWOL, for which I am grateful. Due to their presence this summer we had very few song birds in the complex.

It seems that song birds in most areas are in decline, they are not just picking on us. Some studies indicate that feral cats are taking a lot of birds, probably as food since they are after all feral, or wild. But these cats breed and have more young, and they do not live long in the wild. Many are from homes where people moved or just abandoned them to fend for themselves. These cats suffer from the elements, getting hit by cars, and are prey for all kinds of predators from coyotes, to dogs, to hawks. We have seen feral cats in various places in the world and they are all malnourished.

Birds are also taken by domesticated cats that live at home, but often are allowed to run free outside. There are many owners that think that cats are not supposed to live inside never going out. Having said that there are many cats that live with people in apartments and never go out. These ones will live to a ripe old age, never having to cross a road for any reason. They will also never take a song bird either. Coyotes will never look upon them as lunch!

My point here is that cats can and do live a life in a domestic situation where they live a life of leisure. They never have cat fights and lose ears or get bloodied. The live long lives. But even these cats will suffer from cars, and predation if allowed to roam. They will also take song birds, and particularly those who live on the ground, like the meadowlark. I would ask that any cat owner that reads this, and who currently allows their cat to roam, maybe rethink the issue. Keep you cat in, it will be fine with what you feed, and if given some toys to play with, can enjoy a good and long life.

Please consider the song birds you will be saving. They need our help what with all the wind power generator propellers, lighted building at night where birds fly into them as the navigate. Habitat loss is another major source of bird decline in many areas. For one, I haven’t seen or heard a meadowlark in years! I heard them all over the prairies years ago. Let’s give ‘em a break!


On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me.

Rodney Dangerfield


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Have a Great Day, and be nice to everyone.

Ross Alien

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Older type, enjoys computer, cruising, photography, fishing, travel, good food and movies

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