We are from the government, we are here to help! Sure they are. check this out:

I find it hard to think of how long it took before our justice system took before it finally took steps to assist a woman who had rented out a side of a duplex, only to have the renter pirate the place, and deny access to the rightful owner. The last time I looked it was an offence to take something that didn’t belong to you. To take a house from somebody and claim it as your own “Embassy”, and deny help to the rightful owner is ludicrous.

Andreas Pirelli rented a house from Rebekah Caverhill, and then everything went south. Andreas changed the locks, did a bunch of repairs inside and billed the owner, then placed a lien on the property, didn’t pay for utilities, and paid only half the rent agreed to. This went on for 2 years, and the owner had looked to her Alderman, and MLA for some assistance. The police consider this a landlord tenant dispute and will not get involved. As an old landlord for 16 years, I agree, the police will not have anything to do with helping the landlord, they will assist the renter however. Hmmm.

Now it turns out that this guy has a warrant out for his arrest after failing o show up for a court appearance in Quebec, for an assault charge involving a landlord who fell down the stairs. (Pushed) ?

It also turns out that the cops knew of this Freedom of the Land movement for some time now. It is a problem growing in the US, and information has been distributed to police forces around the country. In the US they are considered in the same vein as terrorists. BC has also issued alarm bulletins on this issue. And they still would not assist a law abiding citizen in Alberta.

The authorities finally got to issue a court summons to this guy, and he didn’t show up there either, but another person did, and he badmouthed the court officials, refused to give his name, and claimed that our laws do not apply to them. Andreas has until this coming Saturday at noon to be out. This kind of casts a new light on gun control legislation, I think. Think Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, “Get off my Lawn”.

Take a Google of Freemen of the land, and see for yourself what is happening within our country. I had thought that it was only the Quebecois that ignored Canadian Law, that it didn’t apply to them. I wish. This kind of thing is yet one more scary scenario that we don’t need in our country.

I don’t wish this to sound racist, because it is not intended to. When I first came to Canada in 1946, our world was populated with people that had names like Smith, Brown, MacDonald, and so on. Basically Anglo Saxon names.

Following WW 2, there were more people with names that were difficult for my Caucasian tongue to process. There were a lot more people of colour as well, and I seem to recall thinking that these folks would never be able to do well in or country, since we were so far ahead of the old countries, they would never catch up.

OK, I confess to being so far wrong on all counts, that I apologise for my ignorance. If you read a newspaper, watch television, or take a look at any advertisement, I’m sure that you will find people with those unpronounceable names and people of colour turning up everywhere, and you know what? They are doing just fine thank you in business as leaders, medicine as doctors and researchers. They show up as news anchors, actors and all other fields of endeavour. And they are doing very well.

My doctor for example is a young woman with a family, who is doing a great job for us. She happens to be Arabic, and as far as I know a Muslim. All I really know is that she does not celebrate Christmas. Seems to be a pretty good doc when it comes time to look after me or my family.

Earlier on, when I was an automotive instructor at an industry level, I often had an opportunity to instruct young men who had either been immigrants or were sons of immigrants. The facts of the matter started back then to sink in, they made me work harder than all those other students ever did. They had a burning desire to learn, and worked damned hard to use what they had learned to achieve and succeed.

Kudos to all those New Canadians who embraced our country and it’s freedoms and so helped it to grow and prosper with their help. You have made a great contribution, working hard and asking for nothing but a chance.


“There are three kinds of men.  The one that learns by reading.  The few who learn by observation.  The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

Will Rogers


Have a Great Day, and be nice to each other!

Ross Smile

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