Recently I spent a few hours in the day care, out patient section of one of our hospitals. It is the Rocky View General. Yes it does look west to a gorgeous view of our beloved Rocky Mountains. It looks past a body of water, that is a kind of lake, produced when one of our rivers, the Elbow was dammed up to provide both potable water and a place to carry the spring run off flood water. It is quite sizable, and goes by the name of Glenbow Reservoir. Power boats are prohibited for the most part from being on the water. In any event it is a beautiful setting and reflects the mountains.

But I have digressed. We checked in early, as was required, and got situated in the ward from which we would have the procedure done. We were told however that we would not be coming back to the same bed, since one of the wings was to be closed off and unoccupied after lunch! That seemed odd to us since there is always a shortage of beds at our hospitals, but it turns out that because it was summer, some of the doctors were away on vacation, and so the day surgery had been decreased accordingly.

Now, I have always enjoyed my vacation, and I’m sure our doctors do too, and they are certainly entitled to one. Heavens, I can’t imaging anything more demanding on a person than working to save or enhance lives. So, yeah, they need and deserve a holiday too. It left me wondering though if our AHS were using our resources wisely. I suspect that a bit of planning knowing that certain docs would not be available for a certain time period, some other surgeons could take advantage of the space and maximize the operating room space that is so hard to access at any time. I think they would be grateful for the extra operating room time, and in so doing it would decrease their backlog of patients awaiting OR time.

I’m sure that with all the bureaucratic power available from the myriad of vice presidents available to the AHS, that it would really be a no brainer to utilize the space and OR’s more efficiently.


Just as I was dozing off again last night, I was rudely awakened at 2:15 by a lot of flashing lights outside our place. There was no noise, like a siren, and the lights just flashed, and stayed in one spot. I thought, they will be gone in a moment, so I hunkered down under the covers, but as time went by, the lights were still flashing. OK, I get it, I have to get up and see what is going on.

I suspected an accident at our corner, but there was no wreckage. No wrecker truck to be seen. About 7 pickup trucks with flashing lights and one lone police car.That was it. By now I am fully awake, so I wait and watch. Soon there is a truck going south in the north bound lane, and it is towing a full 2 story house! It is looking to cross the divider and use the proper lane, leaving me to wonder how and why he got into this lane in the first place. Just behind that house on this humungous flat bed truck is another smaller house, or an addition to the first one. I can’t be sure.

Joanie is watching with me by now, and we speculate all kinds of stuff, finally settling on, maybe a house that is being moved off the flood plain to a safer location. Since our road (69 street) has no bridges to go under, and no overhead power lines it is pretty much clear sailing except for the overhead traffic lights.

Anyway, in due course, the houses past by on their way to a new basement, as did the police car, and all the other trucks. Back to bed, and soon asleep, never to know the history of all that was taking place.


An old man and woman were married for many years. Whenever there was  a confrontation, yelling could be heard deep into the night.

The old man would shout, "When I die, I will dig my way up and out of  the
grave and come back and haunt you for the rest of your  life!"

Neighbours feared him. The old man liked the fact that he was  feared.

To everyone’s relief, he died of a heart attack when he was 98.

His wife had a closed casket at the funeral. After the burial, her  neighbours, concerned for her safety, asked, "Aren’t you afraid that he may  indeed be able to dig his way out of the grave and haunt you for the rest of  your life?"

The wife said, "Let him dig. I had him buried upside down.  And I know he won’t ask for  directions."

Have a Great Day!

Ross Smile


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