Just when I thought that these guys had all gone high tech and used the internet and email to try and scam some of my hard earned bucks from me, they changed their ways and used snail mail! I have ben getting scam mail for some time on the net, but this was the first time for snail mail from the post office.

I got a very official looking letter telling me that there had been a death in the UAE in January of 2011, that the deceased had the same family name I had. Interesting to say the least. Now it gets better, the deceased had died without a will, intestate, and there was a possibility that I might be a long lost relative, and that I could share in the estate consisting of some $37 million USD. That will get ones attention. Now my new found lawyer friend would like to start up some correspondence and should the money come to me, he would take 40%, I would get 40%, and the other 20% would go to a charity in Abu Dhabi.

Now I am well aware of the old Nigerian scam, designed to pry information from you about your bank account etc., so I kind of chuckled to myself and stuck the paper on my desk. We went out to a BBQ described in my last blog, and while we were there, we met with some of our friends who got an identical letter but with their name on it. Real coincidence about all my friends having someone in their family die at the same time as my relative!

Folks, believe it or not, this is a true situation, but the letter and everything else about it is a scam, it is bogus, and all put together like the old Nigerian one to pry information from you that they will use to scam you out of anything they can! It can’t happen to you right? Yes it can, and does every day, usually with older people who seem to be easy prey, for these predatory types. Yes, it is true, you are the prey, and they are the predators. No different from the fox in the henhouse. They know you and will steal from you, make no mistake!

Please do not be deceived, or deluded, these people are very good at what they do, and once you even reply to the letter, they know you are alive and well, and you are on the verge of being in their clutches! Nothing, your house, home, bank account, credit card account, nothing is safe. They do this because they can, and because it has worked for generations. They make a very good living literally stealing everything they can from you, and they can never be found, since they will disappear like smoke!

So, if you get one of these letters, drop it in your shredder, do not ever reply to them. You cannot win.

Now, go and Have a Nice Day!

Ross Smile


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Older type, enjoys computer, cruising, photography, fishing, travel, good food and movies

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