I got thinking yesterday, about this topic, and that I have written about it before, as it relates to the old Western Philosophy that I read about so often in the old Louis L’Amour books. Louis L’Amour had a very colourful life, working louisriverboats, prizefighter, and a lot more. Along the way he wrote for a number of periodicals in the 40’s like Men’s Magazine for example. Eventually he wrote a huge collection of Westerns that had millions sold around the world. Some of his books were made into movies, such as Hondo, which starred John Wayne.

My intention was not to go too deep into L’Amour, but to relate some of the stuff I learned from his “Frontier” stories. How the south US, Dixie, got the name or how Laramie was named. Riding for the Brand was a philosophy that came up often in his stories. You can find out everything about Louis at his web site.Louis

So, what did it stand for? It stood for a kind of philosophy that meant that when you signed on with a ranch as a cowpoke or ranch hand, you did what was asked of you, worked hard and never took from your employer. These were the principles that were just understood by the rancher who owned the land and or the herds, and all the cowboys.  You could be pulling a calf one day, mending fence another, riding herd on a cattle drive, or branding cattle. You did what what was asked of you and sometimes that meant that you stood by the “Boss” in the event of a dispute over land, cows or water.

So, it evolved into when you worked for someone, “You rode for the brand”. I have used that as a guide for me for years, I rode for the brand, be it GM or the Ford Dealer in Toronto where I started in the auto business. When I came to live in Dreamview, I loved the place, and the people. So, when I worked for the Maintenance committee, or snow removal, or the Scuttlebutt, or later installing smoke alarms for our residents at cost of parts only. The labour was free, no charge. Some folks offered in fact insisted in paying me for some of this, and I accepted it. I didn’t need or want it, but they felt better about it, and I understand that. I did the very best I could, “Ridin’ for the Brand”, and took responsibility for what I did.

I no longer work for our board, but I still Ride for the Brand, in this case it is Joan and I. Should somebody decide to cast aspersions on Joan’s or my character, integrity, honesty, anonymous or otherwise, expect me to come calling. I was just around when this ball was opened, but I still made it to the dance! Trust me, if needed I will do so again. I do not go around looking for trouble, or with a chip on my shoulder, but I will not back away from trouble if it comes to me.

Have a Great Day!

Ross Smile

Notice I still sign all my stuff!

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