I assume it was our regular Scuttlebutt delivery person who was up and out so early this morning. If so, thank you Bryce! I found it in my mail box at around 7, and it was not there at 6:30. Prunes will do that every time!

There were a few things that caught my eye on this issue, one of which is the write up on the last page of 2. It is titled in upper case and bold too, “NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTS”, Re: To whom it may concern. I assume that this is likely directed at me since it was essentially the title of my letter to our residents.

As I suspected none of the original stuff remained long on the bulletin boards, must have struck a nerve somehow. For that reason I put the original stuff on my blog, for future reference. You may take a peek if you so desire, and have missed the original at a July 15th blog titled “I’m just a little ticked”. Just click on the calendar and click the link for that date. Which brings me to the new item posted in our Scuttlebutt Digest.

For your information the item is posted below.

Re: To whom it may concern letter
Bulletin Boards in the Blocks are to be used for the purpose of general information for the residents of our Village. They are not to be used
as a personal vendetta against one or more persons. Such communication should be treated in a personal matter and therefore should be
handled privately.
Our Bulletin Boards are placed in a location which enables any Visitor easy access. We do not need to air our dirty laundry to the Public. This does not leave a good impression in our condos. As a new resident, I was totally appalled by this notice. Had I viewed this when purchasing. I certainly would not have bought in this complex.
The latest personal vendetta involving malicious slander was removed from the Bulletin Boards and will not be tolerated in our community.
(Letter from a new resident and comment from a realtor)
Shirley Hertzig, Editor

I find it somewhat ironic that the anonymous writer doesn’t see any connection with what was written and published in a 172 page issue of the Scuttlebutt, than what was written on the bulletin boards! Seems to me that people will see this and have a poor image of our community. My blog may reach a few more that that, or it may not.

I find it insulting too, that again our anonymous writers have not chosen the opportunity to sign their name to what they write. Ah, yes Shirley Hertzig printed her name on the bottom of the publication, but nobody signed the item itself. Neither our “New Resident”, or the name of the “Realtor”. Both remain anonymous. Didn’t have the “cojones” for it I suppose. So, it is business as usual, one can discredit me and my wife’s integrity with impunity! Seems to me that I have run into the “Anonymous” person many times. Likely you have too. Oh, well such is life.

How do you feel about discrediting me for what I believe in, and in the same issue, our board pleads for people to run for the board, take part in our community. And so on. It sure would make me think twice to run for something in here when whatever you do is open to discredit and dispute. Don’t bother to ask me, I will not run, and if elected I will not serve.

Another item I find odd is that we have a list of residents moving either in or out of our community. One of these bothered me a bit more than the rest. Check your Scuttlebutt, you will see that Tom Nielsen “left” our community. Yes he did, but not in the usual way, he died! I saw no mention of a memoriam or an obituary of his passing in the Scuttlebutt at all, ever, just a simple he left our community. Oh, Man! I speculate that maybe this extra printing was deleted to fit with the self imposed 2 page one sheet requirement.

Finally, would it be too much trouble to include a phone number with the folks moving in? In the past a phone number was always included with the new resident information along with a welcome greeting. But again maybe I expect too much, with the 2 page rule in effect. 30

Have a Great Day!



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  1. Pat Achen says:

    I was sad to read Tom had passed away. I have a memory of Tom. It was Christmas time and I took a tree I was not using down to the lobby. I asked Phase Three residents if they would leave a decoration on the tree when they got their mail in the lobby. It was a success. How ever before I did it the next year Tom came to me and said he had a bigger tree and lots of decorations and could he put a tree up in the lobby . Which he continued to do . After his wife died the tree appeared again in the lobby. I thanked him and he said it is still Christmas and I have put one up in my place . The family are coming to cook dinner here and I know the tree will help. He was hard to understand and I had to ask him to repeat sometimes. I remember Tom Nielsen and his tree in the lobby.

    • techmech says:

      I liked old Tom, and as you said he was hard to understand, and it got worse the older he got. What ticked me on the blog, was the crappy way that Tom “Moved away”, Hell he died, he didn’t move. The people running the place have absolutely no understanding of what constitues a community. Incidentlay we are having a BBQ this coming Thursday. We have no social committee as such, so a few of the residents are doing it. I printed the tickets, and am helping with the cooking, but that is pretty much the limit of our involvement. Joanie is working the prep and cleanup, but doing no organizing. I am going to take pictures of the cooking, the winners etc and write my blog on the event, it will blow the doors off the writers of the paper. Be interesting to see what their reaction is. rp Please check my Blog: https://gmman5585.wordpress.com Please check my photo albums on Picasa: https://picasaweb.google.com/116546316186213821874

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