I had planned to do a bit of a funny piece today, but when I read an item in today’s Calgary Herald, I was absolutely incensed, It is titled in the Herald simply ‘Stay away from Dubai’.

I guess so! First I will show you a picture of what the Dubai people would likedubai 3 you to see and understand is Dubai. Check it out, it looks like a modern up to date city like one would find in any of the leading countries of the world. The picture you see to the right is one from Dubai, likely in the evening glow of a sunset. Pretty isn’t it. But is it really like the picture? I suspect not given that it is more like an old out house all rotted away with a fresh coat of paint.

The city for all the glitz and glory has no sewage system! All their sanitation problems are looked after by miles of trucks hauling it away.dubai 1 I’m sure that the Dubai people and their leaders would rather have this information buried away somewhere. Keep in mind that they are very proud of their seven star hotel, the only one like it in the world. Isn’t it amazing!

This is a picture showing all the trucks lined up to cart the sewage to some other location where it is dumped. Actually it sounds a bit like victoria BC where they also dudubai2mp raw sewage, and at the same time proclaim loudly how “Green” they are. LOL What hypocrisy.

Now we understand a bit more about Dubai, I would like to comment on what they do to help somebody who has been raped. They charge them and then jail them! Yes they do. Today the Herald reported that a Norwegian woman was sentenced to 16 months in jail after reporting being raped in March. It seems that they can do this sort of thing since it is against Islamic Law to have sex outside of marriage. It seems that the judiciary can’t get their minds around the concept, that maybe rape is non consensual sex. Seems barbaric to me!

The Herald went on to say that this sort of thing might be expected in a more backward country like Afghanistan, Pakistan, or even more modern ones like Saudi Arabia.

This lady is not the first to run afoul of the Sharia Law insanity. Earlier this year another western woman was jailed for a similar offence. This woman was from Australia, and worked for a hotel chain. She had her drink spiked in the staff bar, and awoke to find that she had been raped by 3 co-workers. She went to the hospital for help, but they helped by turning her over to the police. For this she got to spend 8 months in a Dubai jail. So much for the Dubai version of the Hippocratic Oath! Hope these jokers never come here to practice medicine.

Sadly, this situation would apply to ALL women in Dubai, and it makes me angry to think that when these people come to North America to live to get away from this kind of tyranny, and to enjoy the freedom and justice we have here, they then turn it all around and want to bring all that old crap with them. My view is that if they feel obligated to live under that kind of regime, they either should not have come to Canada, or should pack their crap and go back. And I don’t think I am being racist. I simply don’t want their kind of law in our country. Period.

The herald is calling for a boycott of Dubai by western women, based on the idea that the loss of foreign income through tourism would be some incentive to change the law. Since the rape and killings of women in India and Pakistan recently, and with all the adverse publicity they got, they have been running an advertising campaign to lure western women back.

You might just like to pass this along to somebody you feel might be interested.

Have a Great Day!

Ross Smile

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