You may recall a recent blog that  described a fund raiser we held for the Red Cross where we raised money for flood relief in Southern Alberta. Following the fund raiser we had collected some $717.00 in cash and a cheque from a resident for $50.00. Of several options considered, we opted to take the money to our bank where they had a set-up to handle these donations. They were in a position to handle the 50.00 and accepted it as one entity, where a charitable receipt would go to the donor from the Red Cross. The other $717.00 was another matter however. Our condo complex could not be a donor as such since it was a non profit, and therefore filed no income tax. A name had to go on the donation. Joan used ours. Had we simply called it in on our Visa card, we would have received a charitable receipt in about 3 or 4 weeks. We would still get a charitable receipt for the donated money that was collected, but we had no intention to use it. In fact I got a receipt from the Red Cross for the same flood relief program just today for money I sent them via my Visa on June 24th. About 21 days or so.

We posted copies of the amounts listed on the receipts to our bulletin boards, so that all our residents would know how much was collected and where it went.

That has since created a poop storm, with some person, or persons unknown taking exception to the fact that our names were on the receipt for the $717.00, and that it indicate we would be getting a charitable receipt for the $717.00. Printed across the poster we created were words to the affect that the receipt should go to our condo, and not to the Perigoe’s. Oh, I forgot to mention that none of these comments were signed. Nice ballsy people, I would say. They didn’t have the guts to call, just write unsigned notes on the poster. They could have called, but no, they hide behind unsigned notes. And they did all this without checking their facts or asking beforehand. Now that is class, but it is all low, unfortunately. Easy to hide behind the anonymity!

I have no idea who wrote the cheap shots, but I have a few people in mind, but no proof. It would be the usual suspects, of course. I didn’t mention that the usual’s didn’t contribute to the cause or come to the fund raiser either. Go figure!

All of the folks who put the fund raiser together know that we had no intention of profiting in any way from this. The cost of all the food and coffee came from the old Social committee, the 50/50 money normally retained by the committee was going to the Red Cross. The lady who won he 50/50 tossed her winnings back into the fund, it ALL went to the Red Cross. It is interesting to note too, that nobody else but my wife and a few of her friends started the fund raiser, and all the residents we spoke with thought it was a great idea.

So, I wrote another poster that I have provided below, outlining our position. It will be interesting to see if we get any comments, (unsigned of course) on them or if they even remain on the bulletin boards.

If I may digress for a moment, I would like to point out that about 18 months ago, I embarked on a program of replacing over 85 of our old out-dated and worthless smoke alarms in our apartments, and villas. I did the ones where I knew the people for the most part. I charged only or the parts that I installed, rounded up to the nearest dollar. I picked up the parts needed, and installed them at no charge for our residents. Some people did want to pay something, and I did accept this from them. Does this sound like something a person would do if they didn’t have scruples? I think not. Had our home owners had an electrician do this work the labour bill would have been about $100. 00 per smoke alarm. I saved our residents this money. About $8500.00!

That same thinking went into the money collected for the Red Cross flood relief program. The people writing their innuendo about questioning our ethics, and or honesty, ticked me off, big time. It is obvious to me that they do not know us, because if they did, they would know this was not our style at all. We have lived here for almost 15 years now, and we know many of the residents, and they are all good people. They know us too, and I would hope they would know better than to scratch there undeserved musings unsigned on our original poster.

Below is the text of the poster I wrote in rebuttal.


As a result of the recent floods in Alberta, a few residents got together to put on a fund raiser for the Red Cross. This took place at a coffee party that was convened for this purpose. A total of $767.00 was raised and was turned over to our bank, and they issued 2 receipts, one for $50.00 that was a donation by cheque, and a charitable donation receipt will be issued to the donor for this. The second amount was for $717.00, and it seems that the bank was unable to provide a receipt in the name of SPGV, so for the purposes of a paper trail it was donated by us. We will in fact be getting a charitable receipt for this $717.00.

Getting a charitable receipt and claiming on same are two entirely different issues. The group putting on the fund raiser understood this, and when we posted the results, we deliberately omitted a complete explanation in the interests of brevity.

However there appears to be some well-meaning unknown resident in our 1000 apartment building that feels that the charitable receipt should go to SPGV and not to us. We agree, except that SPGV, being a non-profit entity cannot claim a benefit, since they do not submit a tax return.

Now this brave well-meaning but unknown resident scrawled this message on our notice that was posted in our 1000 apartment, “Tax credit should go to SPGV not Perigoe”. We agree, but the bank could not handle the transaction that way, and had we put the money on our Visa directly to the Red Cross we still would have had a receipt. By the way it take about 30 days to get a receipt from the Red Cross, not too timely I suggest when we are dealing with publicly donated funds. This is why we chose to do the donation locally. It also got the separate $50.00 donation properly receipted.

I don’t know for certain who our unknown public spirited citizen was that scrawled the remark on the notice we put up, since like a lot of spineless comments like this it was not signed. I have a good idea who it was, coming as it does from the 1000 building. The party in question has impugned our honesty and integrity in the past, and frankly while I am not surprised at the gutless way this was done, I am certainly ticked at this kind of character assassination. Cheap shot!


Ross & Joan Perigoe

Have a great day, Ross Smile


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