Canada and the US has had a lot of grief this year, and I see from the papers that we are as a people all being blamed for this, because of our reliance on oil and it’s production. Bunk, the world has run everywhere on oil and will for some time. The Alberta flood had nothing to do with oil.

On the other hand there is something to be said for making our pipelines safer. Same for our rail lines. Accidents will always happen, and just spending money on it will not mitigate that. Look at the space ship Challenger, billions spent, and it still failed with disastrous results.

The huge amount of damage caused by the tornados this year in the US; the loss of the firefighters in Colorado. I’m sure there is some misguided clown out there who can find some way to blame the rest of us for all this. Then we have the very recent flood in Toronto and China. Man, we must have been real bad for us to have the wrath of God tossed our way.

Funny thing is, I don’t believe it for a minute; the folks I know are kind, generous, and as far as I know good God fearing, church going people. They help their neighbours in time of need.

Now, on the other hand, I see a lot of greed in our government agencies, like “Puffy Duffy” and Pam Wallin in our senate. People who are SUPPOSED to be looking after the public purse on our behalf, but who instead plunder it for their own. Our provincial government agencies are no better with their awarding themselves fancy raises, giving bonuses for doing little or nothing.

I despair for our elephants, whales and more recently for our songbirds that have become very scarce even in our own area. The elephants are under huge pressure by ivory hunters, and they are slaughtered by the thousand just for the tusks. Whales are finding life easier but there are still countries that take whales for “Scientific uses”. More bunk.

I am reading about the mass slaughter of migrating songbirds in Africa. Insanity in the extreme. Some are collected and killed as a natural “Viagra”! Others are shot, trapped and eaten for sport. All to the extent that many of these birds will likely be exterminated. These birds have declined and the people doing all the killing are blaming Global Warming. Stupidity often leads to stupid logic. You may recall the decline in the cod fishing of our east coast, and it was the result of over fishing on a grand scale, but you may also recall that these people blamed the fish taken by the fur seals. Give your head a shake folks.

It seems to me that man is likely the only animal on our planet that craps in his own nest, and blames something else for his problems. This old ball of mud, is in trouble but to blame it all on oil that runs the entire world is absurd.

To finish this up, I cannot help but comment on the events in South East Asia and the Arab countries. It is a disaster all on it’s own and is showing signs of getting worse. I suppose it is time to say to these folks, that you are on your own. It is your country, you fix it. We are tired of pouring money and manpower into your miserable country and getting bombed for our efforts. Some of these folks don’t seem to be too long from the caves and trees!

So to get back to the title of this blog, Time for a funny, take a peek at this video on You Tube, It is hilarious, and there is not one cuss word in it! Check it out! Reagan

Have a great day!

Ross Open-mouthed smile

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