Since I last wrote about the wildlife in our condo, a few things have changed.

In the early spring of this year we had a lot of birds singing and eating in our trees. It was simply great, until we were invaded by a pair of crows. They built a nest and settled in. As nature would have it, they had young and these little ones were hungry, all the time!

It was not long after that people were finding dead small birds around. My birdhouse at the back of our condo, suddenly had no birds and I found broken eggs around the yard, not far from the nest. I never saw the crows take the baby birds, but it was about the only thing out there that could be doing it. They were after all just trying to look after a hungry growing family. To these crows, this was simply lunch, not baby birds. In years gone by, the magpie was the predator, but it never nested on our premises. The crows did! That was literally the end of our bird population, I’m sad to say. Bird counts are dropping all over the world, and while there are those who claim to know, attribute it to man, habitat degradation, habitat loss, and a myriad of other ills that have befallen the birds, I am not so sure. I suspect that some loss is due to the habitat loss. I can recall hearing the meadowlark singing all over my old territory in Alberta. I can remember hearing the meadowlark when we first moved to Deer Run. I haven’t heard one in years. Habitat? Free roaming cats? Possibly, and somewhat likely. They are on the decline for sure, and deserve to be protected if possible. I know I don’t much like creating a crow lunch counter via my bird house in the back.

So the crows had to go, and the nest was destroyed and taken down. They still hang around the area, but they do seem to be seen less frequently. Sparrows have tentatively returned to our birdhouse for another attempt at raising a family. I hear a bird singing in the area first thing in the morning when I go to collect the Herald out of my mail box. It sound like a the purple finch. Some birds have returned to feed at both my seed feeders and the suet feeder. These are nearly all sparrows, with a rare visit by a chickadee or a finch. I have not seen a robin since the berries were all picked off the trees early in the spring. They nested here at one time.

So, there you have it. We still have some birds, but few in number. We can only hope for their return next year. We need birds around, in particular the insect eating kind, we would be overrun if it were not for the birds.

Oh yes, one other item, we still have our resident bunnies, hares actually. They seem to be everywhere, in our yard and across the road in the schoolyard. David had put “blood meal” out in the gardens and it seems to hResident bunny (2)ave curtailed the eating habits of the bunnies. I have attached a picture of one of these fellow that I took a few days ago that I found resting at the corner of my neighbours house. He, (she) had scoured out an area on the ground and took up residence there for the entire day, almost perfectly hidden even though he was totally exposed to plain sight. He returned once again to the same place for an hour or so a day or so later.

Have a great day. Stay dry!

Ross Bunny

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