For some time now, I have been keeping an eye on the growth of the plants we have in our gardens. It seems that every day they get better, but I know that is coming to an end with the temperature going to 33°C today. We were going out this evening for dinner, but we just got a thunderstorm alert. It is just now a Watch, but it could be warning soon, with large hail. If we get that the gardens will get major damage. I am therefore happy that I got some update photos this morning for your enjoyment.

When we got our house organ, the Scuttlebutt (Digest) yesterday, the message from the board was that “We live in a park like community”, and it’s true. Thanks in a very large part to our own David Tidd who does such a great job with our gardens from the design, purchase, and planning and watering and even deadheading! Thank you David.

There is only so much room on a blog site, and so I am limited as to what I can show. I have selected a number of gardens, some are villa ones looked after by the resident, others are of a community nature, and I offer them all to you, and make the suggestion that you go out and see for yourself what a wonderful Park LIke setting we have here.

Dreamview Gardens 7-2 (1)  Dreamview Gardens 7-2 (2) 

Dreamview Gardens 7-2 (4)  Dreamview Gardens 7-2 (6)

Dreamview Gardens 7-2 (8)  Dreamview Gardens 7-2 (10)

Dreamview Gardens 7-2 (12)  Foggy morning (2)

The first seven photos are all taken today in our community, and number 8 was taken early this morning of a fog bank moving over the hill west of us, with the sun shining onto it from the east. I liked the view, so I snapped it and included it in the blog.

So, here is the deal, you get your summer duds on, (Shorts) and go for a walk, (Exercise) and take a peak at the beautiful grounds we have here. It is truly eye candy! You might like to know that David won a plaque a few years ago from ULS for having one of the best gardens around!

Have a great day!

Ross Open-mouthed smile

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