I got the following link to a YouTube slide show of the Alberta flood. I also thought that it is sufficiently interesting to send it along to my friends and to add the link to my blog.

Alberta Flood 2013

This is a you tube video of pictures taken during the recent flooding in Southern Alberta. The main focus is on Calgary and Canmore about 75 miles west on the Trans Canada highway just east of Banff National Park.
You will see pictures of the Bow river at the Centre Street Bridge where the lower deck is totally under water, You will also see our Premier, Allison Redford, and Our Prime Minister Stephan Harper visiting the flood scene. He lives in Calgary when he is not in Ottawa, and his wife is from Turner Valley just south of Calgary. Turner was also hit by the floods. Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary is also seen in photos, Bruce Burrell, our Calgary Fire Chief is the head of CEMA (Canadian Emergency Management Agency) did a superb job of managing this disaster. Kudos to him. He is also seen, One picture shows where 600 volunteers were asked to come out, an estimated 2500 showed up all ready to work!
The video shows pictures of the early stages of the flood, the flood in full force, the rescue and some clean ups. Inspiring the "Can Do" attitude of Calgary!
We were all safe and sound on the side of Springbank hill, as you will see others were not so lucky.
I hope you will find the slide show interesting, informative and inspiring.

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