I thought it was ironic that when I picked up my Friday copy of the Calgary Herald that also supplies a copy of their free magazine Swerve, there was a section devoted to just that issue! Buy Canadian. I explains that not all companies that have a Canada in their name, like Wal-Mart Canada, are Canadian. Surprise!

This was essentially the issue with emphasis on Japanese, Korean and German cars, that I wrote about yesterday. Nothing like a little validation to get the blood flowing.

It points out that the clothing industry manufactures very little any more. It comes from China or another southeast Asian country. Marks, sells jeans that are made in Canada, and they are reasonably priced, and very durable. Shoes, same thing, except for some Roots products. Of course the issue is not limited to clothing, but includes a lot of your food items. I mentioned the Moneys Mushrooms that are no longer, but we get Chinese mushrooms now, not Money’s. Pickles come from India, or some other place, but often not from Canada. I wrote a couple of companies regarding where their pickles were sourced, Kraft Foods assured me that their relish was made from cucumbers grown in Canada, processed in the US.

Fish is a problem, it may say “Product of Canada” on the package, but is in fact shipped frozen from Asia and is “Packaged in Canada”. Seems that is OK since a lot of the labour is added in when the packaging is done. Hmmm, I wonder how that works. It is not a product of Canada, even though it says so on the label.

There are a lot of other things produced that come from India or Indonesia, China, Korea, Vietnam today. You need to be aware, and do your best to “Buy Canadian”, or at least Buy American, they do a lot of trade with us.

Canadian companies keep money circulating within Canada, and even more so with local businesses, where the money often circulates within just the community. Local food stores not owned by foreign nationals, Canadian stores like Canadian Tire, who have been in Canada for years, are all good choices. Rona is another one, but Home Depot is US owned and that is where your money will end up. Think Toyota, Nisan Honda, or Kia. Sure some money will remain with the dealership, and their employees, But most of that $30,000. goes back to Asia!

Another issue to keep in mind, is the taxes paid by the foreign companies goes to the foreign country, not Canada, and in that case any shortfall is made up by, you guessed it, the Canadian taxpayer. Consider this too, Canadian companies that do well in Canada, are the ones that have philanthropic divisions, and who contribute to kids hockey, hospital wings, hospital equipment, matched donation with employees who donate. The money you spend in Canada with Canadian companies often comes back in the form of charitable donations. Think Telus for example in Alberta. A BC company, who supports Alberta charities. These big companies often donate in the millions too.

Pension funds also hold profitable Canadian companies in their portfolios and this money is used to pay pensions to the people who have paid into their pensions. Granted the old pensions we once knew are no more, Defined Benefit plans are over, but Defined Contribution plans are still around, where a pension in the workplace is still active.

So the idea is this, buy locally, like from your Co-op store, or your local pharmacy, operated by a guy or gal who likely lives pretty close by. Try your local clothing store, paint store, you name it. They employ Canadians, pay tax to Canadian governments, and circulate money in Canadian hands. It is as close as we can come to a win-win situation. The job you save may be your own!

You have a Great Day!


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