A perfect world would be just that, a world with no war, no hunger, no illiteracy, no disease, no homeless people, and so on ad infinitum. Sure seems like it would be nice to have all that, but I wonder.

The world had that all at one time, in the Garden of Eden, if one can believe the story of Genesis. Personally I find it very hard to believe all that stuff with the Creation of the World, Adam,  Eve, Cain and Abel. Who was there beside Adam and Eve when God told them not to eat the apple, but that pesky snake came along and gave the apple to Eve who then foisted it on to Adam, and bingo, out you go. You are now persona no grata in the Garden. Good bye perfect world.

Yes I am a Christian, and a believer, not too good with most religions however. There is a bit too much “Ours is the only way” in the dogma. I do believe that the Genesis story while delightful, was never documented, but was created much later by people who were looking at how to explain how it all began. Remember that many of the folks around thousands of years ago, were a bit less literate than people are today! A few questions abound with who married Eve so that mankind could continue? Someone missed that part.

Nope, since Cain killed Abel, life as was depicted in Genesis was over.

Now we have “Honour Killings”, wars, famine, stoning, acid in the face for looking at a man, floods, wild fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and more.

There is something else that came along too. A child created but who is unwanted. This is a tragedy at best, but in our Perfect World it is a fact. Not all mothers are able to care for a baby, not all of them are mentally equipped to cope with the stress of raising kids. Not all of them have the where with all to feed, house and clothe them. Before contraception became widespread, men and women did their thing, women got pregnant, and men trotted off into the sunset, never to be heard from again. Love em and leave em. A girl in every port, was part of the navy anthem, unspoken for sure, but there. Some girls just plain liked to party, as I read a few days ago, about a young mans mother putting him up for child welfare along with his 3 siblings. He never saw her again, was abused by a foster father, and left for the streets. He seems to have turned his life around now at 22. Then there is Picton the Vancouver prostitute killer, or Olsen, the child killer. Neither of them will make parent of the year.

I there something wrong with that? Of course there is. But since our perfect world is no more, there are problems. I remember even growing up in Bermuda, that sometimes people had something called an abortion. While I believe in my heart that some docs did abortions, most of these operations were done under the worst sanitary conditions, by charlatan “doctors” who knew nothing about biology or medicine  using bicycle spokes and coat hangers to abort the foetus. Tragedy was often the result, infections resulted in death for the mother. This situation has existed even after the discovery of the “pill”. So women still got pregnant sometimes with an unwanted child, we read about it in the paper all the time, babies in garbage dumpsters, and Wal-Mart washrooms. Sad to be sure, but we are often dealing with people who for whatever reason cannot cope with a (nother) pregnancy. They are desperate.

Henry Morgantaler had the idea that it was already the woman’s decision to abort the baby, all Henry wanted was to be sure that the procedure was done in a safe manner for the mother. Sure the baby was lost, but that would have happened anyway with a back alley solution. The mother at least survived without haemorrhaging to death, or getting a fatal infection.

Thus was born something else, opposing sides  with regard to Pro Life and Pro Choice. There is no middle ground here from what I have seen, people get very passionate about this subject, and that is likely OK. I do have a problem with those who would tell somebody else what they have to do, when they will in no way be a party to the infant. They will not have to support the child in any way, will not adopt the child, will not have to go through either the abortion or the birth. So butt out, and leave it up to the child’s mother.

My blog was not to start a S…Storm, of controversy all over again. It is just that I thought some support for a guy who was trying to save women’s lives over the pain and suffering that had gone on for years was in order. Unfortunately, like most things in life, the issue has 2 sides, like the old Bowie Knife, sharpened on both edges and cuts both ways.

Have yourself a Great Day,



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