As you know by now if you have been following the saga of the free books, you are aware that the editor of the Scuttlebutt refused to print my request for inclusion in our newsletter. I am aware that the editor is not too fond of me, since I refer to the current format as Scuttlebutt Light or Scuttlebutt Digest. The editor may have other reasons for disliking me, but that is the editors problem. I don’t much care for the editor either.

Even so, it might have been nice if the editor had the courtesy to let me know in some way that it was not going to make the cut. Common courtesy would dictate that. Personally, I think it is mean spirited and petty to deny the residents of our Village something that may have been of interest to them, as a way to somehow get back at me.

There was some email traffic going back and forth over this. Starting from the bottom, take a peak and see what you think.

Hi Jean,
I am not sure that you got this, since I do not see it on the reply message. Nice reply. I suppose.
The Scuttlebutt as we see it in its present format is about as sensitive and warm to our community as a bureaucrats heart!
I really like the "I, and others", all unnamed of course.
And the bit about "new and supportive community members", and "not driving the community apart" Pretty nice, but hogwash.
I see it differently I suppose. With the current "Scuttlebutt digest" we have seen the greatest decline in community building since our community started in 1997.
But I suppose that opinions are like behinds, everybody has one.
Regards, Ross, ex Scuttlebutt editor.

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Re: Fwd: Scuttlebutt article


Sat, 1 Jun 2013 16:05:53 -0600





There are four SPGV bulletin boards available for SPGV residents to post an item or items for give-a-way or sale.

As the volunteer editor of the Scuttlebutt, which is not bylaw or board governed, I, and others, do not believe there is a need to duplicate this service.

As evidenced by the struggles of the former SPGV Social Committee and Landscaping Committee to engage new members, we as SPGV residents need to acknowledge that the dynamics of our community are changing. And with that changes comes more change.

Within SPGV are 172 residences, home to 172 plus residents. We should be striving to draw new and supportive community members, not driving the community apart, with a constant push to continue to do things the way they have been done in the past.

Shirley, Scuttlebutt Editor

From: Ross Perigoe

Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 1:09 PM

To: Jim Reardon

Cc: Shirley Hertzig

Subject: Fwd: Scuttlebutt article

Dear Madam Chair,
I am writing this to lodge and register a complaint about the email below, that was never written as requested in the June Scuttlebutt. It was written and forwarded to the editor on Wednesday May 8. I am at a loss as to why or how this happened. When I was editing the paper, as a common courtesy, I always recognized by a reply, that their submission had been received. I did not get any received notice. No submission was refused unless it was considered too lewd, or libellous. None were ever refused when the subject dealt with an issue of community interest.
I can be assured that the editor did in fact get the submission, since I was never advised that it could not be delivered. I would like to know why a submission of what I consider to be of community interest was not printed.
I know it should not be necessary, but I will remind that board and the editor, that I am a member in good standing with regards to any funds outstanding, and that I too pay for my copy of the Scuttlebutt, and I deserve the same consideration as any other submitter. Would you not agree?
Please advise why I was discriminated against when it came time to put the June edition to press. I would appreciate an answer ASAP, since I am considering other avenues of approaching this issue.
Ross Perigoe

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Scuttlebutt article


Wed, 08 May 2013 19:13:35 -0600


Ross Perigoe



General Motors (Retired)


Shirley Hertzig

Hi Shirley

Please insert the following item into the next edition. Thanks. rp


For those of you who use an ereader, I have a number of books on a usb 4

gig thumb drive. Unfortunately they are not all epub books and so some

can only be read on a computer. For those who use Overdrive to download

and read books from the library, many of the books on this thumb drive

are epubs and can be installed and kept on you reader or tablet. I have

over 11,500 books available to anyone who wants to copy them onto

another thumb drive for their own use. You can then see what you want to

read on your reader or tablet, and send them over using Wi Fi and The

Cloud. If you wish to copy these books you can, using a minimum of a 4

gigabyte thumb drive. I have them all on a usb 2, 4 gig drive. It takes

about an hour to copy the whole thing when you have 2 usb ports to use.

Call me if you are interested, there is no charge. Free is always nice!"

Ross Perigoe

403 271 5185

Please check my Blog: Please check my

photo albums on Picasa:

The item to be published contained a few errors as I found out later, and I did put a notice up in each building as suggested. I have had a few calls. Even in our wee complex, the bureaucrats are alive and well.

Have a Great Day!



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