Since the editor of our house organ, the SPGV Scuttlebutt, has autocratically decided that my notice would not be published, even though I pay for a small portion of our paper in my condo fees, I will post my notice on our bulleting board. But I am also posting it on my blog. More on this issue next week, when my file will likely be bigger.


booksI have a 4 gig usb drive with files of 1657 writers on it. These files contain epub books by writers like Vince Flynn, Tami Hoag, Tom Clancy, and David Baldacci. Often there is more than one title in a folder. They can all be read on just about any e-reader device that will run Overdrive. Overdrive is available free on line from the Calgary Library. You will need a Calgary Library Card, about $10.00. This will also let you “Borrow” free epub books from the Library. You will also need a 4-8 gig usb drive (about $8.00 @ Staples) to store all these books on.

So, if you have a Kindle, Kobo, Amazon or some other reader, or an Android powered Tablet from Asus, Samsung or some other make, you should be able to download any of these books and read them for free. Library books have a 21 day borrow limit, there is no time limit on these books, and you will own them.

One last thing you need to know is that you need some kind of “cloud” application to make this all work if you are going to use Wi-Fi to connect your computer to your device. I tried several and only one worked seamlessly, and it is a free download. See, I told you it was FREE! Well, except for a usb drive and a library card.

If you have some other make, it might still be possible to install books on your device. We would have to try it first.

Interested in FREE BOOKS?
Call Ross @ 403 271 5185 with questions or for further information.
Offer is good only for residents of SPVG.

I know it is raining, but have a great day anyway!


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