It has been quite a week or so, according to the Friday May 17, 2013 edition of my favourite news paper, the Calgary Herald. Between the op-ed pieces and the editorials, to say nothing of the news, it has been a classic SNAFU all round.

Gong show #1, BC Political election.
Well, the pollsters called it all wrong, the Liberals were re-elected to govern, but Cindy Clarke, the Liberal leader didn’t make the cut. The NDP leader however was re-elected. So now we have a leader who the people do not want, having to go to a safe seat and hold another election so that she can sit in the legislature as leader, and Premier.

Gong Show #2, The PMO and the Mike Duffy $90,000.00 scandal.
It seems that the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, appointed Mike Duffy to the Senate a few years ago. All well and good, the good senator was a good PC, and a fund raiser. It seems though that he lives in Ottawa, and has done so for years, and owns a summer cottage in the Maritimes. He is the senator for the Maritimes, and has claimed his house in Ottawa as his residence away from “Home”. He has claimed over ninety thousand dollars for this. It is legal if he actually was from the Maritimes. He decided to repay the money, but now it seems he didn’t have the money to pay it back, so the chief assistant to Harper, wrote Duffy a ninety thousand personal cheque to pay the money back. They were personal friends so that may be why there was no arrangement set up to pay the money back to the friend! As the article in the paper so aptly put it, “There is blood in the water”. The opposition will make this a big deal, and so they should. And I am a Conservative to the marrow!

Gong Show #3 Closing Michener Center in Red Deer
The Alberta PC government has decided to close the Michener Center in Red Deer Alberta, in spite of opposition of the people who have family who are totally incapacitated living there quite happily. Their families are furious. So are their friends! I know of one family who has had a child in the care of the Michener people for years. When a child is born that cannot speak a word and is totally blind, but is very happy with the care provided by this center, it will be a tragedy to move this person to unfamiliar surroundings, and care givers. I understand that the people providing the care here are somewhat special, and are loved by the patients and their families.
I would agree that in many cases closing of some of the so called “nursing homes” would be a blessing as in some of the places I have visited. But not this one.
I wonder if the AHS got rid of some of the overpaid and underworked vice presidents and bureaucrats,  they might just be able to keep this place open for this vulnerable population. Of course, these folks would not be bonused for saving all that money, since they would no longer be there to collect. Works for me.

Gong Show #4, Closing elderly hospitals and moving patients up to 100 KM away from families
Yes, it’s true, I read about it in today’s Herald. The hospital in some small centers will close,and the people and their families will be given a number of options where their loved ones can go, and you can select one that works for you. Like as in a husband and wife, can be separated under this plan after having lived together all their lives. ( Some folks might consider this a blessing). If the one you would like is not available, you will have 2 choices, neither of which is a good one. You can take your family member home or send him/her to a home a long way away. Like so many of the other tings that the AHS has dreamed up recently, they may yet reverse it. We can hope.

Gong Show # 5, Letting 25 palliative care nurses go at from the palliative care unit.
This one makes even less sense than some of the other stuff going on. The nurses in question are nurses specially trained for palliative care, and who work in the Calgary area. There are 50 nurses working in the unit, and half will be going. They will be replaced by some LPN people who are not trained in palliative care. The trained ones laid off will be working in other areas for which they are not trained. Lunacy! Look Lucy, see the bureaucracy working here?

Gong Show #6, Freedom of Information, (on a need to know basis)
A number of people in government were in some way severed from government, and were paid substantial amounts of taxpayer money, but our illustrious Premier Allison Redford has refused to say who got the money or how much. Seems fair to me that when she campaigned for a more open government, that is what she should do. Tell the people who got paid and how much. She has reversed her decision so many time on stuff like this, she just may do it tomorrow, but the Legislature has just been closed and will not open until fall. Nice work if you can get it.

Gong Show #7, School crossings, closer to home, in Calgary
It seems there is a school a K-4 on a fairly busy street where some of the parents have come together to provide a kind of crossing guard service for the students crossing this street. In the more senior grades this function is sponsored by the Alberta Automobile Association (AAA). The parents are looking after their youngsters, as they should, doing it as unpaid volunteers, in a scenario where the AAA cannot provide the service with students too young. Now it seems that somehow these people are running afoul of the provincial law here and could be charged. What? Yes, they are not trained, and cannot stop traffic. Do you see bureaucrats all over this thing, as I do. Small wonder I have little respect for bureaucrats, or the bureaucracy they work for. If they truly wanted to, they could make this work for all.

I have not exhausted all the gong show stuff, but I have likely exhausted your patience, and I thank you for reading this far into the blog. But enough is enough, and is it any wonder people don’t come out and vote. I am becoming even more cynical every day. Feel free to write an email to your MP, or MLA expressing you own brand of disgust with the system. Tonnage counts!

Have a Great 24th of May week end!



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