If you have access to the internet, and I’m sure you do if you are reading this, I’m also sure that you have seen the preview clips otherwise known as trailers of the excellent BBC film productions. Somebody is always sending them along since the photography is beyond anything you have ever seen before.

If you are at all interested, just about all of these superb films are available on either DVD or Blu Ray disc or both in some cases. I have a number of these and we have enjoyed them many times. I would suggest the BLU Ray since it has far more information on the disc and hence way better detail, and shading.

I think the first one they put out is Planet Earth. It is available in Blu Ray and DVD. There are something like 5 or 6 discs involved. The photo team goes all over the world to photograph and portray life and living, but in a way that is totally non intrusive. The cameras used are truly state of the art, with telephotos that bring unheard of close-ups and ranging out to very long distance shots. Depending on the issue you get, if you decide to buy, it may be narrated by David Attenborough or Oprah Winfrey for instance. Either one is OK, it doesn’t matter.

Following that came the Blue Planet, and it deals as you might suspect with ocean life.

Some of the videos are taken after a cameraman has buried himself for many days in a blind waiting for the subject to arrive and or do what they came to photograph. Life is one of those that comes to mind, and it deals with all kinds of life on our planet. Some is done because of an unusual behaviour, life form or living location.

Wild China is a great film, and since I have been to China, it was doubly interesting.

Frozen Planet deals with what you might expect, the Arctic, and the Antarctic. In some cases the photos were taken in massive storms on the Antarctic where the photographers spent a winter outside getting pictures of the life of the penguins. Tremendous stuff.

Human Planet covers the life styles of remote peoples all over the world, how they live, and survive.

I have watched National Geographic films in the past, and I don’t care much for them. They seem to treat the subject as a high speed slide show, offering little time to see what the picture is all about. You will not find that in the BBC films. Instead you will see not only the people being photographed risking life and limb to do what they must do, but the same goes for the photographer.

Many of the videos include a video of the video being made, and this is often as interesting as the actual video. You see the frustration of getting it just right, of equipment failure, and of the weather that doesn’t cooperate. The salty words are bleeped out!

To see a source of these videos go to the link BBC

The next item has nothing to do with the BBC, but is a series put out by HBO. One is The Band Of Brothers. It deals with the US military during the battle of Bastogne, before and after. Very well done. Another of the HBO videos is The Pacific. This one deals with the Marines as they go through the war island hopping from Guadalcanal to Okinawa. Extremely graphic and very realistic. It features depictions of the actual Marines in the video, and the Blu Ray version has interviews of the actual marines. The film is produced and directed by Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg, so you know the quality.

None of this material is anything like you would get with your drugstore Sony, they really do use state of the art equipment. Fascinating stuff. Some titles can be found at Wal-Mart, or Best Buy. Discounts are often available from the BBC store on line. Go to the link above, and then click for the trailer, and then if you like it and the price is right, they will deliver it to your door.

Happy Viewing, Have a great day!



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