Nobody enjoys going for a shot of any kind, but the the short answer to the question is a resounding YOU BET!

So what is Tetanus? It is an acute and often fatal disease caused by an extremely strong toxin that affects the nerves. Tetanus is found in soil, dirt and dust, and in your everyday surroundings. Symptoms associated with Tetanus infection include stiffness of the jaw, (know as lockjaw) and severe muscle spasms which usually appear approximately eight days after infection.

OK, so how do I get Tetanus? Most Canadians associate tetanus with rusty nails, but you can get tetanus from even minor scrapes or punctures that are contaminated with soil or dirt while tending your garden! Other sources are from renovating and building, from a splinter, an animal bite, drug use injection, self piercing or self tattooing.

What you have above is a simplified version of what is involved, but for the full answer look in on the site below. I was immunized today, and it needs to have a booster shot every 10 years. I am not aware that I was ever done in the past. I expect to get my booster in 2023 if I live that long. It is a real problem for older people and especially us gardeners.

I would definitely recommend the shot, but talk to your doctor first, but don’t put it off, it is a safe procedure that takes seconds and it cane save your life! The other good news is that the shots are FREE to all Canadians. So, what is holding you back, call and get your shots!


Have a great day!

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