Time marches on, and we are ever closer to summer, so spring must be close! It is hard to tell around Calgary and Alberta, since we had snow in a lot of areas, and in particular Calgary yesterday and last night. It got down to 20°F last night, but it has warmed up some. There is some snow left on the rooftops, and the grass.

Our bunnies are convinced however, as are the birds. The robins who have been AWOL for days now showed up this morning, with 4 of them in the trees outside our window. Our landscape company has been through and they have cleaned up our lawns, tree wells and gardens. The streets in our complex, have been cleaned up of all the winter gravel that was applied. That happened this morning. Sparrows have returned to the bird house at the back of our place,

It all speaks well to the fact that Spring is here. But the big thing is that today, I saw five (5) of our resident bunnies all running around at the same time. I have never seen 5 of them at one time. But there they are out there, and it appears to be a lot of love! The whole bunch runs around chasing each other. It is not a bunny, or rabbit, but is a hare. From all the stuff I have I think it is either an Arctic Hare or a Northern Hare. It is all white in winter, but goes to a grey brown in summer with white underbelly. The ears are big, and have black tips winter and summer.

I enjoy watching the antics, particularly in the spring, when they are active in the daytime. The gentleman that looks after the landscaping in our complex, does not share my enthusiasm, since the bunnies, cute though they may be, are not as cute when they eat $50.00 worth of bedding out plants in a night! Protective measures put out include screen netting to cover the plants, but the gardens never look as good with that on them.

David, puts out cage traps, so that he can move them to another area west of our complex. He claims they have never come back, since he sprays the back fur with orange paint. But what happens is that Calgary has thousands of these bunnies, and when one gets moved, a void is created and one simply moves in to take advantage of all the nice bedding out plants.

These hares are basically a prey animal, and are virtually harmless. Except to the salad bar set up by our residents. An Dammit, they are cute!

Enjoy the day!


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  1. David Tidd says:

    Caught one last night,he (I think it was a he) was not to happy about being let out on the Indian reserve. One down four more to go.

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