My blog today will spread across a wide spectrum of subject’s hence the title. Since the title starts with the good, that is where I will begin.

Spring does seem to be returning albeit slowly. One may doubt that, seeing as how we have broken some low temperature records for night time, with temperatures in the area going as low as 0°F! First of all, some sparrows have taken up residence in my swallow birdhouse. They look like they mean business, since building of a nest has started. If I can’t get a swallow, I guess I will have to settle for a sparrow. Along with that we have some of our dwarf iris plants sprouting leaves. Some other plants have been up for a short while where it is sunny and sheltered. The deer have even been around eating and pruning our bushes. We had a couple around our yard yesterday, and they stayed in the area for about an hour. Hope “Springs” eternal, if you will pardon the pun.

Now a good/bad. Our federal government had decided that some of our troops serving in Afghanistan would no longer get “Hazard Pay” since the area where these troops were serving was no longer considered to be dangerous. That’s the a bad part. Then it was decided that the troops were going to have to pay back from between $900.00 and $1600.00 depending on their pay scale. Yes that is what happened, our troops are not getting hazard pay and since some already got it, they will have to pay it back. I can just see the bureaucrats doing this, rubbing their hands in glee. Now, I have never been there so I really can’t comment from personal experience, but from what I read, see on TV news, and on line, they are all still exposed to some slimy suicide type who is intent on blowing himself up along with as many people that he can get gathered around him. They are all still exposed to the IED bombs, and even some guy who they just trained who decides he will take out a few of his trainers with the assault rifle we just gave him. But there is no danger there, Right? Horse pucky. But, and here comes the good part, Enter Peter MacKay our Federal Defence Minister, who stuck his nose in and said “NO”, and he reversed the decision to do the pay back. That is the good news. The bad news is that the hazard pay will still be reduced. BUT, maybe there will be more good news. On Monday night MacKay’s office issued an email stating that, “our government will be asking department officials to re-examine their decision.” I don’t think there is a person I know that would begrudge our troops the best training, accommodation, equipment, and remuneration.

I will speak to a BAD now. It has to do with the desecration of WWII grave markers in Libya. The link with this is a very poor quality video of the group doing the damage to the gravestones. You will see what appears to be an Imam leading the group. I have been told by a friend that the Libyan government has restored the site, as well as a nearby American site. The text that follows is the text I got with the site. Click on Libya below to see the video clip.

“A view of our peaceful Muslim friends who we helped free from persecution from Colonel Gadhafi, this is obviously their way of saying thanks. WW II – British Military Cemetery in Libya.”


I had planned on bringing you a site I consider to be very ugly. I had planned to re-blog an existing site, that I got only yesterday, but when I checked it today, before re-blogging it, I found that the entire blog/site had been taken down.

When one writes a blog, and posts it, one gets comments, or links to their blogs. I take a look at some of them, and many are just sites advertising, and marketing something. Some deal with something that a person is passionate about. This one dealt with a young woman, who claimed to be 19 I think, who was suffering depression, and fear from what I gathered from her site was incestuous attacks by her father, and rape at the hands of her father. The language was very explicit. To say the least it was disturbing for me. I had hoped to do what I have never done before, do a re-blog, and ask that any reader of the site comment back to the woman, with encouragement, or kind words if they could. Needless to say, all that is impossible now. This part of the blog was to be what I called the really ugly. I am sorry.


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