After having some truly glorious weather, the warm part all went south, and it got cloudy, snowy, windy and cold. Since it is not the best day to go for a walk, it seemed that I would be wise to take on a few inside chores. I had one that was a bit urgent, and I got that one done. I got the Merlot wine racked (siphoned) for the final settling before it gets bottled. Another project I had on my list was to repair a couple of taps and replace the fill valve in one of our toilets. By the time I had one of the taps repaired, it seemed like a good time to walk down and collect the mail.

There was no mail, but I got to sample for myself the changes noted above in the weather. On the way back to the house, I stopped to talk with another of our neighbours, and there above her car, in the branches of a very leafless tree were two very nice looking robins! The first ones of the year, at least for me anyway. So, there you have it, It is official Spring has finally arrived!

Happy Spring!



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