As you may have noticed I have been dwelling on the shortcomings of our recent provincial government, Well, I think it is time to move away from this. They seem to be hopeless, and the only real positive thing Allison In Wonderland has done since being elected is to reject once and for all the idea of a money injection into a new hockey arena in Edmonton. But don’t hold your breath, she may reverse that too, just as she has done with virtually all her other promises! I will not be getting into the political scene, at least not for the foreseeable future. There are tons of better writers than I am out there writing daily in our newspapers. They will continue for some time, since Allison has now alienated herself and her party with the Teachers, Doctors, Pharmacists, The Michener Centre, and it’s patrons, the cities, and the rural communities, and the health care system in general. I suspect she will not survive the upcoming leadership convention.

But I digress from my original purpose, cleaning up, but maybe the title is still applicable! The topic today was to be about cleaning up literally, and in particular glass and mirrors! I should be an expert at this by now since I have cleaned a lot of car windows over my time with GM, working at times getting show cars ready for the stage and display to our dealers and fleet users at the annual dealer car show.

Anybody who cleans glass knows that it is a slow task, that leads to frustration, but it doesn’t have to be that way. any longer. First of all, forget all the old cleaners, newspaper to wipe the windows down, and all the old ways. Try a new Miracle Cloth. I do all our mirrors and glass in our place in about 25 seconds for each mirror, or window! It is the miracle cloth that does it. If the glass is finger marked or water spotted as in the bathroom, get your Miracle cloth out, wet it with clean water and wring it out as dry as you can get it. Wrap it in a towel if you have difficulty in getting enough twist on the cloth, and go over the entire piece of glass with the cloth. You will leave a very small trace of water behind that will dry to a streak free and spotless glass in just a few seconds! Be sure to keep your cloth clean, rinse it out often, and give it a wash periodically.

This will work on newer cars too where it doesn’t get that bluish film on the inside of the windshield. On older cars with the blue film and those with a smoke film on the inside you will need a glass cleaner that contains some form of ammonia to cut through the haze. That haze that seems to start at the bottom of the windshield is caused by a substance that is mixed into the plastics in your car.  It is called a “Plasticiser” a product used to keep the plastic flexible longer. It is worse in the summer when the sun beats down on the dashboard. It will take ammonia to cut through it. GM makes one of the best glass cleaners, called simply GM Glass Cleaner, available at any GM Dealer. It is truly great.

OK, get yourself a new cloth, available at many locations, but I have found that Canadian Tire sells a good one for a reasonable price. They usually come in bundles, so the price doesn’t get in the way. Find a white one, get out your felt tip marker and mark it GLASS, and use it just for glass. It can be rinsed and washed in your washer if it needs it.

Make another one marked FLOORS if you have vinyl flooring to do. Use it with a bit of water and ammonia in a pail, use rubber gloves for your hands, and you will have sparking floors with no need to rinse. And it is very inexpensive. Got venetian blinds? Yep, you guessed it, get out another Miracle Cloth! Dishwashing liquid works well as does the liquid ammonia.

One would think this is truly a Miracle Cloth, and it is, but strangely it is useless as a way to dry off you car after washing it, even though it is sold for this purpose. Your very best bet for that job is something I have used since I was learning to drive. A Chamois! It picks up water and hold it until you can wring it out.

One other thing they are good for is to polish a car after waxing it, but it is kind of a waste, since everybody has some old towels or “T” shirts to use, and they can be tossed at the end if so desired.

There is one more use for that old miracle cloth, and that is for dusting. Again dampen the cloth and quickly run it over anything in the house that needs dusting and it will literally pick up the dust in the millions of fibres. Nothing gets smeared around, it gets picked up, and remember to rinse the cloth from time to time.

So with Spring Cleaning on the horizon, take a peak at Canadian Tire and pick up a bundle of these Miracle cloths on sale, but buy ones that have a good pile and not the real inexpensive ones. So go and clean up your act!



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