I hate to go on about this, but seeing as how we live in a 50-plus community, it is so important that we try to get in some exercise during every given week. The folks that moved in when we did back in 1997, and 1998 are now some 15 to 16 years older, and some have slowed considerably unfortunately.

In the Calgary Herald dated March 21, in the Real Life section, there were a number of articles that dealt with health in general but with cardiovascular health in particular.

The cardio article pointed out that obesity in the world was placing a large number of people at considerable risk of cardio disease a a young age, and following the seven steps listed below would dramatically lower the risk. It even stated that someone who followed the seven rules would almost never have a heart attack before age 65!

The Simple Seven as they prefer to call them are thus:

*Not or quitting smoking

*Being physically active

*Not being overweight

*Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

*Keeping blood pressure down

*Regulating blood sugar levels

*Eating healthy

One of the things pointed out in the column was how few people get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week. Surprisingly one of the exercises is doing housework! Walking is easy and will also get in your 150 minutes a week. Walking does not have to be done all at once either. It works even when it is done in 10 minute intervals!

Really all this translates to is 30 minutes of activity a day, for 5 days a week. And no, pushing the button the remote is not considered exercise.

So, as you can see, the message is to get active for a long healthy life. Walking is about as easy as it can get, so GOYA, and just start walking! Now that the weather is getting nicer, get out in the fresh air, and walk, even if it is only around our complex. Start slowly if you like and build up the pace and/or the distance over time. Listen to the birds, getting ready to build a nest. See the trees and shrubs come out in leaf or bloom. Watch the clouds change patterns. Chat with a neighbour as you go around the townhouses. You will feel belter, look better, and will enjoy better health. Grab a friend to go with and just do it! It is your body and only you can make it happen.

”Happy Hiking”


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