I started to read today’s copy of the Calgary Herald, and on the front page is the headline “Critics fear doctor shortage amid U of C cut”.

For years now, there has been a shortage of doctors in Alberta, so much so that there are literally thousands of people in our province who do not have access to their own family doctor. They are residents of both the rural and urban areas of the province.

The Alberta Medical Association claims that there was a shortage of about 1500 doctors last year. The solution according to the University of Calgary appears to be that they will enrol a total of 155 students for the coming year. With this kind of management, we will never catch up. Anybody who can do the simplest arithmetic on a cigarette box can see a shortfall.

Our illustrious provincial government doesn’t see anything wrong with this situation either. They claim there are plenty of doctors, in the urban areas, it is a shortage of docs in the rural areas where doctors choose not to practice. I guess they are expected to go off to a small community and hang out their shingle. If I was a GP, I really don’t think I would be rushing off to practice in Acme, or any other small town. Not that there is anything wrong with Acme or any other small centre. It is just that the facilities are non existent in all these little places. So, why should they go from an urban centre with all the amenities to a rural with next to none. The answer is of course that they shouldn’t have to nor should they be criticised for not going.

Maybe the idea is that all the folks living in these small centres that have to travel to the cities for medical services should move to a city. After all it is them that have the problem. Move to the city if you need to access that service.

This problem has existed for years, and will continue to do so, as long as we have short sighted academics and government bureaucrats looking after the store.

No wonder I am so cynical about our government, and the bureaucrats that cost us a fortune and produce little of anything in return.

You hang in there and have a good one!



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