“No matter how you struggle or strive, ain’t nobody gettin’ outa this world alive” is just one of my Dad’s sayings, as least that I could put in writing! He had a lot of sayings, you see, many of which are not printable!

No matter, it is true, and while I have done a blog on the Society previously, they have just done a bit of rearranging their program. Thusly I feel compelled to write about it again with additional information. For instance I note from their web site that they are going to offer additional benefits, such as discounted flowers or hall rentals in the near future.

The cost of a funeral is considerable today, and many of us do not feel that the cost is worth it. After all we are gone at that point, and maybe we would rather see the funeral money go to the estate where it may do some good for a living family member. The old “Bang for the buck” theory. Nevertheless, one day it is going to happen to all of us, we will die. If you would like to prepare for that day, using the Memorial Society, it is very inexpensive, and it will save you or your estate literally thousands of dollars! The funeral will be as dignified as you would like, since you can always add to the service.

For a one time cost of $20.00 a person, you simply register with the Society, and when you die, they are advised by your family that this is so, and they basically do the rest. Right now, the Society has a contract with McInnis & Holloway to handle the arrangements. All facets of the burial or cremation are handled by the funeral home, in conjunction with the family.

For your information, they estimate that they have currently got 25,000 names registered that are still living! Over the years some 15,000 have used the service. We have been a member for probably 30 years now. The Society handles the program all over southern Alberta. Other jurisdictions in the country have similar societies, so it is not limited only to Southern Alberta.

So, to me it looks like an investment of $20.00 gets a good return if it will save a lot of money when we are gone. I have included the web page for the Society for your perusal, simply follow the link by clicking on it. Memorial Society

Please check the web page, they do a better job of this than I do. Also if you feel that there is a friend who would benefit from this information do not hesitate to pass the blog along.



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