So, here we are, another year has come and gone! The world leaders are continuing to do as they have always done, and not have the nations interest at heart. We have Syria, Iran, North Korea, China and Japan posturing over who owns some islands that likely have oil that can be drilled.

At home and the US, we see the fiscal cliff poised ready to derail what is a fragile economic recovery, all because of taking a hard line position again without looking at the bigger picture. No sign of any willingness to compromise.

At home here in Alberta Canada, we have a conservative form of government, that has created and continues to expand a deficit and an increasing debt, because they cannot decide just whether to increase taxes or decrease spending. The fact seems to me that they must do both. They had no problem in increasing spending when it came to their salaries! They do however have a problem with funding some medical services, but have pandered to the public service unions, particularly the teachers, by paying them the highest wages in Canada for teachers. I despair.

At the same time however, I still live in one of the best places in North America. I have been married to my wife since 1956, we have 2 great children, and one great grandson. We own our home, have no debts, and while we are both in our late 70’s we can say we are healthy. Neither of us has high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, we don’t smoke, do not have diabetes. Joan had a cancer operation 3 years ago, and is basically a survivor, another issue we are very grateful for.

It is always interesting to look back on the past year and note that while the whole world seems to be falling behind, that we are keeping quite well, and enjoy our life where we are.

I pray that for 2013, that the worlds nations will get their act together, and do the right things for their people, and forget the posturing and grandstanding and the wars. I pray also that a cure will be found for some of the terrible diseases that are in the world today.

I hope and I pray.

Happy New Year.


About techmech

Older type, enjoys computer, cruising, photography, fishing, travel, good food and movies

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