I love to read, and have done so since I was a small boy growing up in Bermuda. I was often at the Bermuda Library where they had what I thought was a pretty good selection of books for young boys.

As the years went by, I continued to read, I loved Leon Uris books. You probably did too. Today I read Tony Hillerman, James Patterson, Tami Hoag and so on.

Right now I have just finished a Nelson DeMille novel named “Divine Justice”. It is an adventure thriller that deals with a group of people many with military backgrounds, and who all belong to a group called “The Camel Club”. The group is led by an ex Special Forces man who goes by the alias “Oliver Stone”. It’s a good yarn, and tells of how Oliver has assassinated a couple of people in the US government and what the government is doing to catch him. Good characters, good dialogue, and enough action and twists to keep you glued to the pages.

I am currently reading another DeMille book called “Charm School”. It too has the hero as a US Colonel from the US Air Force, who is now working for the US Government in the US Embassy in Moscow. Sam Hollis, is a pain to the KGB, the police, and sometimes to his own people. Again a thriller suspense story. I am not done with it yet, but I am enjoying it, even though I read it a long time ago, when the Russians and the US were looking at each other from the perspective of the cold war.

Lastly we also have another DeMille book called “Up Country”. This one takes place in Vietnam shortly after the ‘Nam war. It is about an old tunnel rat who returns as a tourist, but is in conflict with an officer of the old NVA, (North Vietnamese Army). Once more we have a suspense thriller occurring with military people. I have read it a long time ago too but I look forward to a re-read.

I read all my books now on a kind of e-reader. It is in reality a Samsung Galaxy 2, 7 inch tablet computer. Unlike the old Kobo Vox, this is a portable computer first with a reader app. And it works very well, with voice recognition, an internet connection, and an email program. It is run by an Android system by Google, but a much better one than the Kobo Vox. I love it.

Did you know that you can borrow electronic books from the library and read them on your computer. You do it all from home! If you have a valid Library Card from our local library, you can go on line and down load up to 20 books at a time and read them on your desktop or a laptop. You do not need a tablet computer, or a reader.  There is just one other thing you will need and it is free. You go to the library site and look around on the site until you come to a link to Overdrive Media Console, click on it to go to the download page and look to see if your computer is OK. If it is, you download the free software, and you are on your way.

Click on the Overdrive program, look for a get books link, and click that. then click find library, click Calgary Public Library. At this point you will have to register your library card, with a password, and then click the place where it says ‘remember me on this device’. You will not have to do all this the next time.

You will now have an account with the library for eBooks. Click search and use the tools available to you to find a book by author, by title, or more. If it is there you can add it to your cart, and down load it or continue browsing. Hey even this part is fun! You do not have to return books, they will automatically go back when 21 days have elapsed. There are no renewals, while you still have the book. You can get it some other time if you haven’t finished it.

In addition to thousands of books available, they even have some books that can be downloaded and keep. There are some audio books also that can be downloaded and will be read to you!

I personally don’t care much for reading on my computer screen, I much prefer the tablet, but it is a way to try out the system at no cost to you.

Happy New Year!


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