Christmas Deer in yard 2012On Boxing day, the day after Christmas in Canada, I took a look out of our front window, and there, no more than 10 feet away was a beautiful buck deer! He was absolutely unconcerned about me, but he did seem to be aware of me. As I watched and started looking for my camera, there three more deer across the road in my neighbours yard. They were smaller does. None of the animals had antlers.

As I finally managed to get my camera out of the case, and turned on, and open the blind, the big guy strolled across the road into some trees, and I lost that opportunity to photograph him. All I wound up with was a picture of the last doe as it was going to follow the others into a grassy area that is treed.

I missed a great photo op, but I’ll never forget the image in my mind!

Happy New Year!


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