So, is there anything you are passionate about? Got a hobby you would like to tell others about? Read any good books lately that you would like to tell others about? The list of things to blog about is endless. Maybe the trip you took to Hawaii. Or Europe.

Doing a blog is just like keeping a diary, or as the name implies, a kind of LOG, a web log or BLOG.

You can write a new page as often as you like, as little or large as you like. If you can write an email or a letter, you have it made! You can insert a photo for others to view, a video if you choose, and include a caption with the photo. The technical part is all done for you by the Blog provider, and your computer.

Who can you use? Well obviously I use a company called Word Press, and it works quite well, but there are others like Blogger from Google. They are all pretty easy, except for the odd issue like adding a photo or a web page for instance. All of these are at no cost other than your time. It is fun and easy, really. A blog will also keep the grey matter functioning in real time, certainly an important consideration for people of an “Age”! Like many of us in our Dreamview Community, like me!

But if you are using a later version of Windows they offer an easy to use and familiar looking window to do all your editing from. I just discovered it, and with what it has to offer, it will make an easy job easier, so I will pass that on as well. Go to Windows Downloads and download Windows Live Writer. In fact if you are using Windows 7, it is likely that it is included on your computer right now. To check, click your Start button and look to see if Windows live Writer is there, if it is it is even easier.

What makes this easier is the ability to use a familiar program to include links, add images and so on. When you are done, you can add categories, and tags as you like, and send it to your Blog supplier.

Those who know me, can call me on the phone and I will be happy to show you around what you need and how to get published, If it all works out, we could play blog tag? Maybe.

RossDog face

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  1. For me it’s just pure joy to write about things I love!

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