There was a time when the Christmas card was a big thing. We would haul out the list of names, check it over to see who was still with us, or who sent out cards last year. We would shop around for cards and come home and spend the best part of a day, addressing, adding our own note inside the card, sealing and putting all those stamps on. Then going to the post office to mail the out of country cards and then later on the local ones.

Times have changed! The jury is still out as to if it is better or not, but today we sent out only one card. By using an electronic card either one from a card company or one of our own greetings we can reach out and send a message to a lot of people in a very short time. Our card on email this year was similar to what we have done for a while now. It is a fairly recent picture of Joan and I, from somewhere in our travels, on a Christmas background with a Christmas greeting wish all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

There are consequences to this process however. I wasn’t too pleased with the final result so I will do a rework for 2013. But look at the trees we saved if a lot of people sent their greeting this way. Unfortunately the letter carriers are not thrilled to be further downsized again, nor Hallmark or American Greeting Cards for the loss of sales. Oh, and there is the loss of all those stamps at fifty cents. At one time we sent out close to a hundred cards. It all added up of course. But this year we sent out a lot of electronic cards, and the money we didn’t spend on all this went instead went to an increase in our donation to the Salvation Army Christmas Red Kettle fund.

I do think this was a better way to remember our friends at Christmas, increase our donation amount, and get a charitable receipt for my income tax! It sounds like a win win situation to me!


Today is Thursday, and of course it is the day that we get all those ads from all the places that wish to relieve us of our money, at any time, but at Christmas it has almost become a frantic exercise. I had to notice that there has been a change albeit a small one in these ads. Some of the ads used the term Christmas in their ads! You read right, maybe some of the emails have had an effect. To tell you the truth, I was surprised at the ads with a Christmas reference and those without. Take a peek below for who has been naughty and who has been nice.

The nice tag goes to first of all The Real Canadian Superstore, with a big bright Merry Christmas on nearly every page in their ad.
Another nice tag goes to Walmart for having at least a reference to Christmas and not the generic Holiday that is so common.
Canadian Tire comes in at least with a slogan, “Canada’s Christmas Store”.
In all this to me the big winner is Superstore.

So now we move on to naughty, and here again I was surprised.
Co-op, our local store owned and operated by Albertan”s offers us a big red bow on “Festive Solutions”. That’s it! I am not impressed that a company I own a fraction of let me down.
Sobeys, on the other hand offered me a green Santa Toque with the all lower case, “holiday helpings” on every page.
Safeway checked in with a lot of Holiday, as in Holiday dinners, Holiday favourites, Holiday savings and last but not least Holiday floral.
Visions give us a very nice picture of Santa Claus with the tag line, “Last Minute Gift Ideas”.

There was an item on the net a few days ago, and it went like this, “If it doesn’t say Christmas on the window, don’t go in the door!” You make your own decisions.

So there you have it. Personally I am offended that we don’t seem to be able to use the word Christmas when it really is the celebration of the birth of Christ. We have been a Christian nation for years until recently and we are caving in too easily with unwarranted demands to accommodate the feelings of some minorities. Many of these minorities came here to Canada to enjoy a religious freedom that had been denied to them in their home country. Welcome to Canada, practice whatever it is you believe, even if it is examining chicken entrails, but leave our beliefs and rituals alone. You work your side of the street, and we will work ours.

Merry Christmas to all, including the minorities!




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