Last Wednesday morning I was given the opportunity to drive from where we live south to what was once called the Inn on Lake Bonavista. This has nothing to do with the Inn, just the trip down. I had to be there at 9:00 am, and when I woke and got up at 6:00 it had already started snowing, very lightly to be sure, but still snowing, making the roads a wee bit slick. It was cold enough to freeze, but the roads had been salted so it wasn’t too bad. It still took me an hour and 3 minutes to go where it normally took 25 – 30 minutes. I should add that this snow was a unexpected so it came as a surprise.

I had not gone far, a bit over a mile, when I was in the turn lane on 69 street to go east on Highway 8, There were quite a few others there in the same line, waiting to go. Highway 8 was busy and slow even with the new 2 lanes eastbound. So, when the light went to green  we slowly started our creep forward to turn left, when we had a very important person in a black SUV, go by on the right lane beside us and promptly flip on his signal, and wedge himself into a small space a few cars ahead of me.

I do suppose that he thought he was a smart guy to outwit and cut the rest of us off, being as how he was more important than the rest of us. Somehow I do not see him that way. I rather consider that he could be described best as the south portion of a north bound horse. I’m sure you will get my meaning.

The rest of the trip was OK, except for a lot of what I could only describe as some wild lane changing, but it was done with signals, so I suppose in their pea sized brains that made it all OK. There were no accidents, but the road was not in summer pristine condition either. I would consider this kind of irresponsible driving behavior to be a kind of a skilled careless driving at best.

With the roads as they were, drivers should think ahead a bit and make lane changes in a extra safe manner, and using signals, cutting people off at any time is bad driving, but with poor road conditions, it is disgraceful for these morons with the room temperature IQ to drive this way.

So when I got done with what I needed to do, I came home and the situation was a lot better. Then I picked up and started to read all the good fun news in the Calgary Herald. The couple of reasonably good news items were hidden away, but the rest of the paper was all bad news. I will simply list the stuff but will not comment, I will leave that for another day.

We had pedophiles released on bail, the US fiscal cliff, that will likely be bypassed away, murders and killers released from prison, fires, crashes with loss of life, caused likely by alcohol. Then we had North Korea with their new missile  the Egyptian crisis, the Syrian crisis, the Palestinian and Israeli crisis, the Chinese and Japanese sailing around some deserted island they both lay claim to. All on top of the ongoing euro crisis in Europe. I could also go into the Provincial political thing in Edmonton, abut that would push this all over the top.

By the time this day was over, I really wasn’t full of the milk of human kindness. The Spirit of Christmas seemed a very long way off. I can only hope and pray that it will return and we will have some kind of sanity in the world, or maybe the Mayans were tight, the world is about to end.

Merry Christmas!



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