It has been interesting to read the letters to the editor in our Calgary Herald, over the past few days regarding the activities of our new premier. I am somewhat surprised at the approach some writers have taken that have been lenient to say the least. Forgiveness all around from some. Then there are the others, who feel as I do that while we were promised a clean slate before the election, we are treated to the “same old, same old” attitudes of the past. We are government, and so we are entitled!

The ones who would like to forget all about how our premier went to England for the games, and who racked up enormous expenses, with 5 star hotels and empty rooms, broken campaign promises like fixed election dates, and the endorsing of her ex husbands company involved with a huge tobacco lawsuit, and so on. The problem as I see it is like my mother always said, “Where there is smoke there is fire”. It all still smells.

Some letters from the legal community are expressed using a kind of spin on what they see as one of their own being roasted for getting caught. They write that legally there is no problem, even if it stinks to high heaven. They have “Circled the wagons” to protect one of their own. Then there is what has come down from on high in the form of political bafflegab. But it all still stinks in the end.

Some writers feel that the Wild Rose has been too hard on our premier, and that wanted posters and going after the sister of our premier is too much, even when that one stinks too. The suggestion is that our government should be looking to governing our province rather than kicking up a fuss over what appears to be at best a lack of good judgement. I was impressed with a letter one woman wrote where she called for shame on the opposition for wasting the time and energy of the premier on silly matters, cronyism, conflict of interest claims, questionable donations from public entities, and private individuals, possible queue jumping, apparent bad faith in negotiations with the Alberta doctors. She concludes her letter with the thought that we should turn a deaf ear and a blind eye and not distract the premier with the bothersome trappings of democracy.

Personally, I loved the ladies letter. I wonder what will turn up next!

Merry Christmas,




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