Quebec Government

Did you ever see anything like the politics in Quebec? I have little knowledge of the place from personal experience, but I have a friend or two who has lived there. They have told me of the corruption that is a way of life there. Makes me happy I am not a resident.

Recently they booted out the mayor of Montreal, and have replaced him with a new one. I hope it works.

From a provincial point of view, I can only comment on what I read in the papers. I want to get this straight.

Recently, a number of “Big Box” stores were told they had to change their name to a French version, like Wal-Mart would be required to change the store front signage to a French spelling. Other stores were told the same thing. With the French Language law in effect in the province, they could be charged for non compliance.

With unemployment running as high as it does in Canada, this would seem counterproductive, since we should be doing everything we could to encourage business investment and hence employment. It makes no sense to this Anglo-Saxon that we would deliberately put impediments in the way of business people doing business in our province.

I am not speaking about things like water and air pollution, or unsafe work practices, which should be monitored and controlled. We are talking about the way our sign is put up on the front of the building, not the size or colour, just how we spell the words!

Let me tell you about when GM was building cars at a plant in Ste. Therese, a community just outside of Montreal. When they stopped building cars there, the Chev Camaro and Pontiac Firebird were being discontinued, and the plant was closed. Some time prior to that, the Quebec government decided that all the senior people working in the plant had to be of French origin or at least were bi-lingual. GM said no, it was their plant and they would decide who would run it. Push went to a bit of shove and the Quebec government were told that if that were to happen, the plant would shut down and the plant and all the employees would be idled. Plan B kicked in and the plant continued to operate as it had before.

GM doesn’t build cars there anymore, even though the Camaro name has resurfaced. The last ones were Firebirds and Camaros in 2002.

I wonder if the big need to get those federal transfer payments to a have nothing province like Quebec has any bearing on how the business climate is working for business. Hmmmm!


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