I got this link from a dear contributor  and it relates to the coming Christmas Season. You may very well like to write a Christmas letter. If you are looking for some good ideas check this link from Google. It has all kinds of images that you can use to decorate your already great Christmas letter.

check out too, the links provided at the top of the page, like cards, home-made projects etc. Some great stuff there.

Even if you are not doing a Christmas letter, it is a fun site to take a peak at. To download an image for your own use, (most of them are free) click the image, right-click the resulting image and click Save As. It will show up in a window on your computer and you can save it to wherever you like, usually in My Pictures somewhere.

When you are ready to use the picture, click where you want it to go, and then click Insert on the menu at the top, (assume using Word) and select photo. that will open your photo window, click your image and there it is on your page!

Start by clicking Google, Images, type in Christmas Cards, hit enter key

Have fun folks,


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