I’m sitting waiting to go an watch the Grey Cup game in our clubhouse. Gotta catch the Stampeders and cheer them on.

In the meantime I was looking over “Birds and Blooms” a magazine I have subscribed to for a few years now. I found out about it when I stayed at a B&B in Washington State a few years ago. For years now I have been fascinated by birds, their feeding habits, their intelligence, well frankly just about everything they do. They are one of the most amazing creatures on the planet considering their size.

One example  A bird that most people find fascinating is the hummingbird. It is a pugnacious bird that will defend a feeding area against much larger birds. The ability to hover, and even fly backwards amazes. But did you know that when it migrates south for the winter, it flies solo, all by itself.It does not fly in a flock of siblings, nor under the wings of geese.  Not just the adults, but the bird that was born this year, knows where it has to fly to for the winter. I know some people that need directions to get across the road, and these little creatures can fly 2000 miles and return next year to the same place!

Birds and Blooms offers articles on flowers, and birds, but I like the bird ones. I feed birds in my front yard, both suet blocks and seed. I usually have a steady procession of feathered bundles flying from the tree to the feeder. The antics are fun to watch, to say nothing about the different colored birds I can attract.

So, if you are interested in birds and their behavior, I offer you the web site of the Birds and Blooms magazine. It has some of the magazine articles on the site. http://www.birdsandblooms.com/Default.aspx

I hope you enjoy the magazine and the site as I do.



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